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Rumor Control for January 1, 2008

After weeks and weeks of decision making by the office of In Your Face Wrestling and the countless emails they have received from fans and the people involved, they have decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone and sign........

The Main Event!
Superbeast & Fronz Roddy w/ Hanz vs. Drake Evans & Vigo w/Yvonna

Several factors went into the decision:
1) Because Superbeast and Vigo want at each other so badly
2) Drake Evans demanding to face Fronz Roddy for ruining his match at the last show against 1PW's James Wallace
3) The IYFW office's disgust with Roddy's actions for not taking into consideration all the company's time and effort in signing and promoting the International Combat match and wanting to make it all about himself.

Even though Fronz did not want to face Drake for "not being a real athlete," the office decided his desires were not to be considered.

Also, Maxx Burton has divulged the identity of his replacement to face "The Modern Day Marquis" Guillaume DeSade at the January 12th show to be a true fellow "Misfit" in the form of.........

The Hostile Horror-Hostel Hook up at the Holiday Inn!
"The Modern Day Marquis" Guillaume DeSade vs. "The Human Horror Movie" Nocturne

Also signed is.....

Rematch from "Let the Madness Begin"
Those 80's Guys w/???? vs. Divine Diversity w/ Lindsay Lynn

Due to their loss at "Let the Madness Begin" to Divine Diversity thanks to the interference of their valet Lindsay Lynn, Those 80's Guys have demanded a rematch. This time, James Reed and Vinny Beach say they will have an insurance policy in their corner to take care of Lindsay Lynn.

Plus, as previously mentioned, Shockwave the Robot will be in action.

You'll also see many returns in the form of "The Dark Pony" J.P. Black, "The Crusader of Old School" Ian Daniels, "Loverboy" Ricky Williams, Mackie Schrody, "The Hardcore Cowgirl" Alexzandra, "Heartattack" Tommy Mack, "Millennium Millionaire" Scott Scarsdale, C.J. Scott, "Bombshell" Bert Williams and "The Wrestling Trucker" Tookie Tucker.

Plus, you'll see the first installment of "Tea Time with Good Lord Willing."

Also you'll see some new faces coming to IYFW: Troy Buchanan, The Killer Steves and J.C. Money

Next time, the results from IYFW's Return and news from the office concerning the big thing all the competitors in IYFW are looking for.....CHAMPIONSHIPS!

Joey LaRocque reporting............

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