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It's raining, but Ryan Rogan is looking forward to his New Breed Title Match

Garrett Holiday on his New Breed Title Match

IYFW INTERFACE audio report with Sean Jacobs gets us up to date

An announcement from Senior VP of Talent and Operations Aubrey St. John

From the desk of Yvonna Leach: Challengers and a Suspension

Walt Ball & The 2016 Coronation Cup Tournament Format

Cassius Cutcher tells Elite Terrell just what he needs to succeed

"Must Win Situation: Drake Evans vs. Bobby Ocean" by Walt Ball

Zack Clayton lays it on the line to Garrett Holiday

From: The Desk of Yvonna Leach. Re: Dealing with LaDiva

Dr. Philip Basket's Path vs. Sabastian Kelly's Plan

Northern Fury vs. The Pantheon, with a stipulation...

The INTERFACE audio report from Sean Jacobs, featuring 2 new matches for Memories, Moments & Mayhem

Kenedi Copeland has news from Bob Holly for Bobby Ocean

The Pantheon target Northern Fury at M3

The debut of "The Somers Report" - Sabastian Kelly

Bobby Ocean lays out his challenge for "Memories, Moments & Mayhem"

"We Stand Alone": Aftermath

From: The Desk of Yvonna Leach. Re: Kenedi Copeland at M3

Cassius Cutcher says he's not done with Drake Evans

Garrett Holiday has his eye on Zack Clayton

The latest INTERFACE audio report with Sean Jacobs

Bad news suddenly becomes an opportunity


The 2nd guest for Memories, Moments & Mayhem 2016 is..."

Northern Fury: "Only 5 minutes? You can't be serious."

Zane Maverick reminds Zack Clayton of the rules

From the desk of Yvonna Leach

What kind of advice is Sabastian Kelly getting?

The first guest for M3 2016...

5 More Minutes

Chip Stetson and Hellcat have a warning for The Homewreckers & Kenedi Copeland puts Nothern Fury on the line

IYFW Ring Announcer Walter Ball shares his insights on 2 major matches

Dr. Phillip Basket has a plan for all of IYFW

Scott Scarsdale reveals his true intentions

Indy Story Of The Match: Cassius Cutcher vs. Drake Evans and CJ Scott vs. Fronz Roddy

Sean Carr vs. Bobby Ocean: Sights and Sounds

Northern Fury vent their frustrations with IYFW Management

Sean Jacobs brings us the latest INTERFACE audio report

Zack Clayton gets a challenge for Proving Grounds

For The Price Of A Ticket - Part 4: Future Stars

Just what kind of deal was made?

For The Price Of A Ticket - Part 3: Cagey Veterans

For The Price Of A Ticket - Part 2: Characters

For The Price Of A Ticket - Part 1: Names You Know

Elite Terrell gets a Savage Shock

INTERFACE Audio report takes on "Passion, Courage, Conviction" and "In The Crosshairs"

Kenedi Copeland announces a major matchup for In The Crosshairs

Jesse Neal announces his retirement from professional wrestling

This may provide some insight to those mysterious videos

Elite Terrell is ready for Jamar Justice

The Mighty Fronz calls out Savage Damon Ravage

Another unusual video received by IYFWRESTLING.COM

The return of IYFW Interface, with your host Sean Jacobs

Tyler Vincent interrupts Garrett Holiday with an offer

Salvatore Morocco has a message for Albany, NY!

An unusual video sent to the IYFW offices

Kenedi Copeland announces the Tag Team title match

"Mr. Canada" Ricky Williams breaks his silence on Drake Evans

Dog of War Jesse Neal speaks

Kenedi Copeland has big announcements on "Passion, Courage, Conviction"

Zack Clayton replies to his Coronation Cup opponent, Tyler Vincent

Tyler Vincent is so ready to take on Zack Clayton

Drake Evans gets a special request

Two new matches surrounding the New Breed Championship at Coronation Cup 2015

I.Y.F.W. is getting a present... and it's the S.o.S.!

Garrett Holiday asks if Ricky Williams really is the greatest Candian wrestler

Drake Evans, Roman Dominguez, and the IYFW Championship

Kenedi Copeland has the latest updates on "Memorial Weekend Showdown"

Elite Terrell has some business for everyone

Lance Madewell is the "Wildcard" entry in the Coronation Cup Battle Royal

From the desk of Walter Ball, IYFW Ring Announcer and Spokesperson

Tyler Vincent enters the Coronation Cup battle royal

"The Savage" Damon Ravage and the Coronation Cup Tournament

Kenedi Copeland, the new Senior Advisor for Talent & Operations, announces new details on "Memorial Weekend Showdown"

Lenn Oddity calls Checkmate on Northern Fury

Ricky Williams is the eyeing the Coronation Cup Tournament

William Slade won't let his past affect his future

The Rickety Rocket checks in from his orbiting headquarters

The 2nd entrant into the 2015 Coronation Cup Tournament

What's wrong with The Wolf?

Zack Clayton declares his entrance into the Coronation Cup Tournament

Roman Dominguez: The Numbers Make The Man

"Mr. Canada" Ricky Williams preps for M3 and Good Lord Willing

Fronz Roddy is impressed, but he plans a bigger impression for Memories, Moments & Mayhem

The Godfather is on the train to Delanson and "Memories, Moments & Mayhem"

Lance Madewell is now prepared for Ricky Williams' challenge

The Wild Kingdom will gladly face Ricky Williams and any other partner he chooses

The Rickety Rocket is recruiting for Memories, Moments & Mayhem!

Drake Evans puts his name on the line for "Memories, Moments & Mayhem"

Chip Stetson sends his congratulations to Lenn Oddity

The Knockout Gang promises what will happen to every opponent they face

IYFW will host the Texas Wrestling Academy Challenge at Memories, Moments & Mayhem

Tyler Vincent's path leads to Elite Terrell at Memories, Moments & Mayhem

The next special guest revealed for "Memories, Moments & Mayhem"

February 8 -The Savage Wolves reveal their new tag team partner

February 4 - Jeff Jarrett only wants to face the best from IYFW

February 2 - The Knockout Gang let their history speak for itself

January 26 - Northern Fury announce their IYFW M3 2015 opponents!

January 19 - Joey Larocque's INTERFACE audio report tells us how "Full Speed Ahead" sets up M3.

January 12 - Lenn Oddity introduces the Scumdogs of Sanity

January 9 - What will Chip Stetson announce at "Full Speed Ahead"?


December 29 - INTERFACE Audio Report - 2014 In Review

December 24 - The 2nd guest for "Memories, Moments & Mayhem"

December 22 - Roman Dominguez and the open challenge

December 19 - A new guest for "Memories, Moments & Mayhem"

December 8 - A secret meeting between foes

December 1 - The Right To Fight Contract has been invoked!

November 16 - Shane Douglas memorializes The Triple Threat

November 10 - Drake Evans + Chip Stetson = Settled In Steel!

November 3 - CJ Scott lays it on the line

November 3 - ODD Thoughts on Vigo (Medicated)

October 31 - Arguing with ODD...And Northern Fury

October 27 - Ricky Williams is confident in his title defense against Elite Terrell

October 20 - INTERFACE audio report: Joey Larocque announces 3 new matches for "Season 8: Settled In Steel"

October 13 - The opponent for "The Franchise" Shane Douglas addresses his Legion

October 6 - Good Lord Willing wants to make one thing clear

September 29 - The Mighty Fronz's challenge for IYFW's "Season 8 Settled In Steel"

September 22 - Sgt. Fury accepts The S.O.G.'s challenge

September 15 - The INTERFACE Audio report looks at upcoming potential matches, and announces a title match for "Season 8: Settled In Steel"

September 8 - The S.O.G. Ronnie Ribs throws down a challenge

September 1 - Which title will the Rickety Rocket challenge for?

August 25 - No one can bring down "The Pillar" Roman Dominguez

August 15 - Northern Fury responds to Lenn Oddity's betrayal

August 11 - Introducing the new IYFW Tag Team Champions: The Knockout Gang

August 10 - Joey Larocque's INTERFACE audio report recaps "VIP: Victory Influences Position"

August 7 - Roman Dominguez is ready for his return to the main event at VIP

August 5 - Chip Stetson presents his protégé, Dewey Murray

July 30 - Drake Evans and Liam McFerrin say the odds are in their favor

July 21 - INTERFACE audio report: Joey Larocque announces 5 new matches for "V.I.P.: Victory Influences Position"

July 14 - Northern Fury underscore the point they made at Coronation Cup

July 2 - Joey Larocque reviews Coronation Cup 2014 and how it leads to V.I.P. on August 9

June 30 - Chip Stetson & Ricky Williams after their No Holds Barred match loss

June 27 - Lance Madewell and the Coronation Cup Tournament

June 9 - Joey Larocque has the final 4 entrants for the Coronation Cup, and more

June 2 - Three entrants for the Coronation Cup tournament, the whereabouts of several IYFW superstars

May 19 - "Show #42" and Coronation Cup 2014

May 12 - Chip Stetson has his sights set on Northern Fury

May 11 - Northern Fury have their sights set on Chip Stetson

May 8 - Prince Ashul-Naul answers questions of fate

April 28 - INTERFACE audio report: New matches and stipulations announced for "Life, The Universe & Everything"

April 21 - CJ Scott was to set the record straight, except for...

April 16 - "Mr. Canada" Ricky Williams makes a challenge for "Life, The Universe & Everything" on May 17

April 7 - INTERFACE audio report: Evans & Stetson & new tag teams

April 2 - Good Lord Willing ponders Fate and The Universe

March 17 - INTERFACE audio report: The rundown from M3, and the first match for "Show #42"

March 14 - Drake Evans tells us what Team Icon is all about

March 14 - Roman Dominguez responds to Liam McFerrin regarding M3

March 10 - The Savage Wolves "spit some truth."

March 8 - Fronz Roddy shows Chuck Deep exactly what he has in store at M3.

March 4 - INTERFACE audio report: Joey Larocque looks at what's in store for "Memories, Moments & Mayhem"

March 3 - Ian Daniels takes on Scott Scarsdale's challenge for Memories, Moments and Mayhem

February 28 - Liam McFerrin gives plenty of reasons he'll win the IYFW Championship from Roman Dominguez

February 27 - Tommy Dreamer tells us why he's coming to "Memories, Moments & Mayhem"

February 24 - Northern Fury's message to the Savage Wolves

February 17 - Chuck Deep responds to Fronz Roddy's Flexor On A Pole Match challenge

February 14 - Introducing Prince Ashul-Naul of the Tribe of Shabazz

February 3 - Good Lord Willing tells his tale

February 2 - Is there a lesson to be learned by Blood Money or Team RPG?

January 27 - Etanna...

January 20 - INTERFACE audio report: The fallout from "Cold Snap" and how it leads to "Memories, Moments & Mayhem"

January 10 - Bobby Ocean Looks To Become New Breed Champion

January 8 - A challenge announces a new match for "Cold Snap"

January 8 - Jamar Justice will not be taken advantage of

January 6 - Lance Madewell discusses his upcoming debut at "Cold Snap"


December 30 - Northern Fury gets a reality check

December 28 - Joey Larocque's INTERFACE 2013 In Review, plus a tease on the main event for "Memories, Moments & Mayhem"

December 24 - A holiday message from Good Lord Willing

December 6 - News on Tommy Dreamer, another match for "Cold Snap", and someone is trying to change the rules.

November 29 - Jamar Justice proposes some ideas to Event Secretary Yvonna Leach

November 11 - Joey Larocque looks at "Season 7: Exit Wounds" and how it leads into "Cold Snap"

November 7 - Chip Stetson replies to the allegations made by Drake Evans

November 6 - Ian Daniels recalls the history going into his 6 man tag match

November 4 - Drake Evans's announcement regarding "Season 7: Exit Wounds"

November 1 - Roman Dominguez: Two Years In The Making

October 21 - The INTERFACE audio report announces two more matches for "Season 7: Exit Wounds" and more

October 14 - Drake Evans lays it all out to Chip Stetson

October 4 - A challenge is laid out for "Season 7: Exit Wounds"

September 23 - Joey Larocque's INTERFACE audio report recaps Coronation Cup 2013

September 16 - Northern Fury's Intense Training for IYFW Coronation Cup 2013!

September 9 - What does Scott Scarsdale have against the Coronation Cup tournament?

September 6 - Barbie responds to Mistress Belmont's challenge at IYFW's Coronation Cup

September 2 - The INTERFACE audio report previews "Coronation Cup 2013"

August 31 - Team RPG plans on getting back the In Your Face Wrestling Tag Team Championships

August 26 - What will the Savage Wolves be doing at Coronation Cup 2013 if they're not part of the tag team tournament?

July 29 - The INTERFACE audio report has updates on the matches for "Coronation Cup 2013"

July 15 - Chip Stetson tries to let Good Lord Willing down easy

July 8 - The INTERFACE audio report continues the recap from "Truly Independent" and more on Coronation Cup 2013

June 28 - Vigo reminds Sgt. Fury of their original gameplan during intermission at "Truly Independent"

June 24 - Joey Larocque reviews the highlights from "Truly Independent" and details the plans for "Coronation Cup 2013"

June 17 - Roman Dominguez addresses his opponent for "Truly Independent", Sgt. Fury

June 16 - Good Lord Willing is sure he's gotten under Blood Money's skin

June 10 - Sgt. Fury tells us just what will happen to his opponent at "Truly Independent"

June 7 - Fronz Roddy is interrupted with a challenge for "Truly Independent"

June 3 - A major return in the INTERFACE!

May 31 - Ian Daniels has some criticism for The Savage Wolves

May 27 - A challenge is laid out by The Savage Wolves

May 20 - Drake Evans and his ongoing history with JP Black

May 2 - The INTERFACE takes one more look at IYFW's "May The Fourth Be With You" & Jesse Neal talks about his opponent

April 20 - Lance Madewell announced two more matches for "May The Fourth Be With You"

April 13 - Walt Ball and the first Video INTERFACE announces two new matches for "May The Fourth Be With You"

March 25 - Joey Larocque reviews the results of "Memories, Moments & Mayhem" and reveals the future of the INTERFACE

March 14 - Joey Larocque's INTERFACE audio report previews Memories, Moments & Mayhem, and announces another match

March 13 - "Mr. Mapleleaf" Ricky Williams on his match at Memories, Moments & Mayhem

March 12 - Two more competitors on their match at Memories, Moments & Mayhem

March 11 - Drake Evans announces two members of his team

March 4 - Good Lord Willing makes his challenge for Memories, Moments & Mayhem

February 25 - "The Pillar" Roman Dominguez announces his tag team partner for "Memories, Moments & Mayhem"

February 18 - The INTERFACE audio reports brings more matches for "Memories, Moments & Mayhem"

February 15 - Team RPG on their Tag Team Victory...The Rocket Speaks!

February 4 - Ricky Williams and Liam McFerrin are set up for one more battle

January 28 - Fronz Roddy and Roman Dominguez face off

January 17 - The INTERFACE audio report brings two more matches for "Cold Day In Hell"

January 16 - Good Lord Willing's New Year Resolutions

January 15 - Bobby Ocean returns at Cold Day In Hell

January 14 - Northern Fury has their sights set on the Tag Team Division

January 1 - The Savage Wolves Christmas Special 2


December 27 - IYFW 2012 In Review

December 19 - Big Vigo and Sgt. Fury reconcile...over BACON?!?

December 9 - Joey Larocque announces two more matches for "Cold Day In Hell"

December 2 - Maxx Burton announces two names for "Memories, Moments and Mayhem"

November 26 - Questions from "Season 6: Endgame", and a pre-announcement about The Memories, Moments & Mayhem Convention & Event

November 11 - The INTERFACE audio report reviews "Season 6: Endgame"

November 1 - Chip Stetson seeks out Good Lord Willing

October 30 - "The Beast, The Icon, The Pillar and The Force" by Dan Roberts

October 29 - Ian Daniels: Straightedge and Straighforward

October 24 - The latest INTERFACE report brings more details on "Season 6: End Game"

October 22 - Drake Evans reveals his plans

October 20 - Damon Ravage responds to CJ Scott's challenge

October 16 - "The Wolf" CJ Scott lays out the challenge

October 10 - Roman Dominguez addresses "The Legion"

October 1 - The INTERFACE audio report gives us a big preview of "Season 6: End Game"

Septeber 24 - A Tale of Disrespect - by Good Lord Willing

September 16 - JP Black opens communication with the IYFW Board of Directors

September 13 - INTERFACE audio report: Joey Larocque reviews "Vengeful To The Core", and how this leads into "Season 6: End Game"

September 6 - The Mighty Fronz's message for IYFW's "Vengeful To The Core"

September 4 - Roman Dominguez: Pyrrhic Victories and Honor

September 3 - More matches announced for Vengeful To The Core

August 29 - The Savage Wolves' Closure?

August 21 - The results of Coronation Cup 2012, and how this leads into Vengeful To The Core

August 14 - Roman Dominguez is ready for his match with Pierre Vachon

August 8 - The INTERFACE audio report reviews HeatStrike, and reveals more on Coronation Cup 2012 on August 18, and Vengeful To The Core on September 8.

July 30 - The INTERFACE audio report has news on HeatStrike, Coronation Cup and more!

July 23 - The Uprising has a major announcement for the In Your Face Wrestling fans

July 18 - The INTERFACE audio report reviews "Can't Tread On Us!" and looks forward to the rest of the summer events

July 16 - In Your Face Wrestling referee Dan Roberts comments on his work

July 11 - IYFW New Breed Champion Liam McFerrin talks about the upcoming Lumberjack Match

July 9 - The INTERFACE audio report announces more names that will be present at "Can't Tread On Us!"

July 8 - Shiloh Robinson interrupted while trying to address the fans

July 5 - "The Pillar" Roman Dominguez vents his frustrations with getting an IYFW Championship match

June 28 - The INTERFACE audio report looks back at "The Brawl In Whitehall" and forward to "Can't Tread On Us!"

June 20 - Joey Larocque phones in the INTERFACE audio report with new matches for "The Brawl In Whitehall"

June 17 - Lanny Poffo pays tribute to "Macho Man" Randy Savage

June 16 - The INTERFACE audio report announces another match for "The Brawl In Whitehall"

June 3 - INTERFACE audio report: Another title match announced for "The Brawl In Whitehall" plus more IYFW news

May 26 - The INTERFACE audio report looks back at "Memories, Moments & Mayhem" and announces the main event for "The Brawl In Whitehall"

May 16 - Pierre "The Beast" Vachon declares he'll be keeping his IYFW Championship

May 15 - The INTERFACE audio report previews "Memories, Moments & Mayhem" and announces one more match!

May 14 - Scott Scarsdale makes an announcement regarding Blood Money

May 9 - The Northern Studd accepts Michael Monroe's Challenge, and adds a surprise of his own

May 7 - Roman Dominguez responds to Vigo's challenge for "Memories, Moments and Mayhem"

May 2 - Drake Evans discusses his tag team match against Fit Finlay at "Memories, Moments and Mayhem"

April 30 - Michael Monroe responds to the Northern Studd's challenge...and adds one more twist

April 25 - The Northern Studd challenges Michael Monroe at "Memories, Moments & Mayhem" on May 18, 2012

April 23 - Vigo states his challenge for "Memories, Moments & Mayhem" on May 18, 2012

April 21 - "The Genius" Lanny Poffo welcomes the In Your Face Wrestling fans

April 16 - "The Mighty" Fronz Roddy's "Memories, Moments And Mayhem" Message

April 11 - INTERFACE audio report: Three matches annonuced for "Memories, Moments & Mayhem"

April 7 - "The Spectacle" Adam Badger wants to make sure everyone remembers him

March 13 - Pierre "The Beast" Vachon regarding IYFW's "St. Patrick's Day Massacre"

March 12 - One more preview of "The St. Patrick's Day Massacre"

March 5 - The Savage Wolves issue an apology

March 2 - Scott Scarsdale makes an announcement regarding the team Blood Money

February 23 - Ian Daniels replys to Good Lord Willing's European Ladder Match challenge

February 20 - INTERFACE audio report: More on "St. Patrick's Day Massacre" and another major announcement for "Memories, Moments and Mayhem"

February 15 - Drake Evans reacts to accusations from "The Pillar" Roman Dominguez

February 11 - Good Lord Willing issues a challenge to "The Anarchist" Ian Daniels

February 4 - INTERFACE audio report: A big announcement on "Memories, Moments and Mayhem"

February 2 - "The Pillar" Roman Dominguez explains his actions at "Seize The Moment"

January 29 - "Mêlée, Jealously or Planned Strategy?" by Arthur Becket

January 25 - INTERFACE audio report - The fallout from "Seize The Moment"

January 12 - Jamar "Magic" Justice gets the last word in on Adam Badger

January 11 - INTERFACE audio report - Looking forward to "Seize The Moment"

January 9 - Fronz Roddy comments on his New Breed Title defense

January 4 - Adam Badger has a direct message for Jamar "Magic" Justice


December 31 - INTERFACE audio report - 2011 in review

December 30 - IYFW Statement on the Savage Wolves

December 28 - The Savage Wolves Christmas Special

December 26 - Drake Evans: Destined to be champ again?

December 12 Part 2 - A direct statement from IYFW Referee Dan Roberts

December 12 Part 1 - INTERFACE prepares for "Seize The Moment"

December 2 - Maxx Burton debriefs the IYFW Manangement

November 28 - INTERFACE looks at "The Brass Ring"

November 18 - Is it Drive or Envy? Talent or Hate?

November 7 - INTERFACE announces more for "The Brass Ring"

October 30 - "When Champions Split" by Arthur Becket

October 25 - In Your Face Wrestling responds to The Savage Wolves

October 22 - The Savage Wolves send another message

October 18 - INTERFACE announces the first match signed for "The Brass Ring"

October 13 - The Savage Wolves attack

October 10 - The latest INTERFACE reviewing "Cauldron Of Hate"

October 7 - Arthur Becket asks: "Who do you cheer for?"

October 2 - A message from the Savage Wolves

September 26 - INTERFACE takes one last look at Cauldron of Hate

September 24 - The BIGGEST championship match in IYFW history

September 19 - A day in the office with Maxx Burton

September 12 - INTERFACE audio report

September 8 - IYFW Academy: Best in the business?

August 29 - INTERFACE audio report

August 24 - "In With The New"

August 17 - INTERFACE audio report following Summertime Bruise

August 2 - Final report before Summertime Bruise

July 29 - Irresistible Force Meets the Immovable Object

July 23 - INTERFACE audio report, featuring Scott Scarsdale

July 22 - A statement from Harold Tousch'ole

July 17 - INTERFACE audio report, featuring Vigo

July 10 - "It's Tough At The Top"

July 4 - INTERFACE audio report, featuring Maxx Burton

June 27 - INTERFACE audio report

June 20 - INTERFACE audio report

June 15 - INTERFACE audio report

June 12 - A superstar stakes his claim

June 9 - "The Color Of Cash"

June 4 - INTERFACE audio report

May 30 - INTERFACE audio report

May 29 - Video message from Roman Dominguez

May 23 - INTERFACE audio report

May 9 - INTERFACE audio report

April 25 - INTERFACE audio report

April 17 - INTERFACE audio report

April 9 - INTERFACE audio report

April 1 - INTERFACE audio report

March 11 - IYFW's Armchair Booker

March 2 - INTERFACE audio report

February 14 - INTERFACE audio report!

January 2 - 2010 Year In Review!


December 27 - Fallout from Controlled Chaos!

November 27 - Final updates on Controlled Chaos!

November 7 - Updates on Controlled Chaos!

October 17 - The day after Deception Is Reality

October 10 - One week to Deception Is Reality

Septeber 30 - Update on Deception Is Reality

September 27 - Exclusive statements from two IYFW superstars

September 5 - Following up from Night Of The New Breed

August 7 - More names announced for Night Of The New Breed

July 10 - Upcoming news on Night Of The New Breed

June 23 - Fallout from Coronation Cup 2010

June 6 - The final two entrants for Coronation Cup 2010

May 26 - The next confirmed names for Coronation Cup 2010

May 10 - First entrants into Coronation Cup 2010

April 27 - Following up from Amsterdamage

April 6 - The latest news on Amsterdamage

March 24 - Another title match announced for Amsterdamage

March 13 - More to look forward to at "Unsportsmanlike Conduct!"

February 22 - Looking forward to "Unsportsmanlike Conduct!"

January 23 - A preview of "Hanging By A Thread"

January 1 - A look back at 2009


December 19 - All the latest news following "Thrashing Through The Snow"

November 15 - The lastest on "Thrashing Through The Snow."

October 14 - All the news following "Rising Spirits of Madness."

September 30 - More match details for "Rising Spirits of Madness."

September 21 - Interview with Barbie

September 6 - Another match announced for October 10

September 6 - The Fronz Roddy Interview

August 28 - First news on Rising Spirits Of Madness

July 25 - Follow up from New Wave Assault

July 11 - Looking forward to New Wave Assault

June 27 - Fall out from Coronation Cup 2009

June 12 - Remaining entrants named for the Coronation Cup Tournament

May 23 - First entrants named for the Coronation Cup Tournament

May 11 - Breaking News on World Class Women's Wrestling match!

April 22 - News from Relentless Pursuit and more!

March 27 - More news on Relentless Pursuit

March 11 - News on Relentless Pursuit

March 1 - Follow up to "The Last Ride"

January 31 - Third press release on the February 21st show

January 23 - Yet more on the February 21st show

January 14 - More on The Last Ride

January 1 - The first news report of the year.


December 21 - 2008 Year In Review

November 27 - Headlines from our One Year Anniversary

November 9 - Latest News before November 15!

September 30 - Latest News!

September 4 - The lastest news following Holiday Inn-Vasion.

August 18 - The latest on Holiday Inn-Vasion

August 2 - The man Joey Eastman has hired is......

July 27 - Matches signed, plus a Special Announcement!

July 14 - Latest News for August 23rd IYFW Show!

June 19 - Fallout from Coronation Weekend

May 20 - Coronation Weekend TV ad

May 16 - IYFW Rumble details and more!

May 7 - Women's Title Shake-Up!

April 27 - More news regarding Coronation Weekend

April 14 - First matches announced for Coronation Weekend

March 25 - Coronation Weekend: 2 Nights of In Your Face!

March 2 - Joey Eastman announces In Your Face Wrestling Championship

February 14 - Vermont Women's Title Returns

February 5 - Latest news!

January 14 - Fallout from "Dominance: Established"

January 7 - IYFW's newest ally!

January 1 - Big news for our 1/12 show.


December 12 - IYFW Returns!

December 3 - Aftermath from "Let The Madness Begin"

November 13 - "Flawless" James Wallace states his goals for "Let The Madness Begin"

October 25 - IYFW - 1PW Announcement

September 29 - More names confirmed for IYF debut show.

September 6th Press Release: Let The Madness Begin!

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