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July 10, 2011

It's Tough At The Top: What it takes to be IYFW Commissioner

by Arthur Becket

The most significant change which has occurred recently is the change of the position on In Your Face Wrestling Commissioner. In early 2011, Alexzandra, the commissioner since IYFW’s founding, stated she was resigning her position due to the stress and the amount time involved performing her job duties. "It has to be one of the most stressful positions to have in the world," says Shepherd Finch, member of the IYFW Board of Directors. "You end up doing more then what the job details. The wrestlers look up to you as an advisor, than blame you when things do not work out. The fans think you are the law, but in reality your responsibilities are limited."

"Alexandra did a great job" continues Finch "she came in and did the job that needed to be done. Her time as commissioner will be looked back on fondly in the future; she will be missed by everyone."

Harold Toush'ole took the responsibilities from Alexandra. Toush’ole is not necessary the commissioner, but holds the title of "Management Representative." Toush’ole describes the difference between the two: "Much of the decision making is by the IYFW management board, but I’m the law here now, and no one had better forget that!"

Harold Toush'ole came in at the "Defy All Odds" event in April and immediately established who he was and what he expected from others.

Guillaume deSade has had held the IYFW title since April 17, 2010 when he won the title at "Amsterdamage". On numerous occasions when facing an opponent, he would cause himself to be disqualified, and hence be able to keep the title. When he faced "Big In Japan" Bobby Fish at "Controlled Chaos," deSade went to the lengths of leaving the arena and driving away, instead of facing the possibility of being beaten by Fish.

At "Defy the Odds" it appeared deSade would continue these tactics when he faced the challenger Drake Evans. DeSade intentially tried to get himself disqualified during the match, but the referee refused to disqualify him. Only after deSade struck Evans with the title belt did the referee have no choice to disqualify deSade.

Guillaume deSade thought he could retain that belt for one more show, but Harold Toush'ole had other plans. Toush'ole declared deSade unworthy of being the IYFW Champion and stripped him of his belt due to his actions. Toush’ole later declared the tournament at the "Coronation Cup" which normally determines the number one contender. The tournment was held on June 25, 2011, and Vigo came out on top as the new IYFW Champion.

Not all the new decisions made by Toush'ole have been popular with the fans. At the "Defy the Odds" event Toush'ole stated he did not like women’s wrestling, and cancelled a long awaited women's match. This decision was not only disliked by the fans, but also some of the wrestlers. Even some members of the board of directors began reconsidering their decision for appointing Toush'ole after he made this comment.

In the upcoming year, we will be able to see the changes which are being planned and implemented in the IYFW. Many changes will occur but many things will stay the same. Time will only tell if this combination will bring success to In Your Face Wrestling.

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