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Rumor Control for November 18, 2011

Is it Drive or Envy? Talent or Hate?
By William Bacon

"There is no room for second place." - Vince Lombardi

"Jealousy is the only vice that gives no pleasure." - Patrick Henry

I wanted to give two contradicting quotes about jealousy and winning because like many things in life, it is a matter of your point of view.

A perfect example is between In Your Face Wrestling superstars, Jamar "Magic" Justice and Adam Badger. There is so much in common between the two, both graduates of the IYFW Academy, both newcomers, both rose to the top very fast in the wrestling ranks, and now they both are on a head on collision with each other.

Is it jealousy, or a desire to be the best which is driving these men to this confrontation? The complexity of these wrestlers psyche and history must be examined.

The first graduate of the IYFW Academy was Jamar "Magic" Justice, the 2nd graduate was "The Spectacle" Adam Badger.

"These two men worked very hard at the school," says head trainer Drake Evans. "Each pushed the other in training. It may not have been visibly apparent, but you could tell they were rivals even back then. I think it was Badgerís competiveness with Jamar that helped Justice finish the school in record time. At the time I thought it was a simple friendly competition between the two."

Jamar "Magic" Justice made his debut at the Elimination Match of Survival at "Season 3: Rising Spirits of Madness" on October 09, 2009, where Justice wass eliminated first. Two months later at "Thrashing Through the Snow" Badger debuted, tagging with the Green Mountain Grappler resulting in a victory. On the same night, Jamar Justice loses to the Northern Studd.

"I knew Badger was riding high after this victory," said an unidentified wrestler. "He thought his career was riding high on this one victory, especially since Jamar lost. Any friendship or friendly rivalry was now showing cracks between these two. I think it was the next couple IYFW events where Badger began despising Justice."

Indeed, the next couple of IYFW events were very significant in the relationship between Justice and Badger. At "Hanging By a Thread" (February 02, 2010) Jamar "Magic" Justice won a major upset over Scott Scarsdale, making a name for himself in the wrestling world. At the same event, Adam Badger lost a 3 way match to the Northern Studd.

On March 20, 2010 at "Unsportsmanlike Conduct" Scott Scarsdale, wanting revenge chooses WAR to be his tag partner agaist Jamar Justice. Justice chooses Vigo to be his partner. Even with the huge Vigo on his side, he loses the tag match to Scarsdale and WAR. Badger could not find any satisfaction with Justiceís loss, because at the same event he loses to Fronz Roddy.

Many thought that Badger began to show signs of frustration as his current loses, and it was at "Amsterdamage" where this frustration first truly showed itself. There was to be a rubber match between Scarsdale and a random partner and Jamar Justice and Adam Badger.

"We did not know what was happening between these two (Justice and Badger)," said Sheperd Finch, IYFW Board of Directors. "We were trying to promote the wrestling school by showcasing the graduates, we did not see the animosity that growing in Badger against Justice."

Before the match in the parking lot, Jamar "Magic" Justice is attacked by a masked man. He suffers a shoulder injury and is unable to compete. Shiloh Robinson, the next IYFW Academy graduate, substitutes for Justice. Before the match Adam Badger confidently proclaims that he and Robinson will make Justice proud of their performance in the ring that night. However, this was not the case.

During the match Badger feigns a shoulder injury, mocking the real should injury of Justice. Badger deliberately throws the match. This leaves the IYFW officials and fans bewildered and confused.

The feelings of bewilderment and confusion soon turns to shock when later Badger confesses it was he who attacked Jamar Justice in the parking lot earlier that night. Badger also shows disgust on the respect that Justice has been receiving in the wrestling world. Badger feels he was and is being overlooked by the IYFW Academy, and that he and not Justice should be the "poster boy" for the Academy.

The next major conflict between the two occurred on August 28, 2010 at the "Night of the New Breed". This event was to showcase the new talent at In Your Face Wrestling. Both Badger and Justice are involved in the same gauntlet match with "Loverboy" Ricky Williams. Justice pins Williams, as William congratulates Justice for the pin, Badger pins Justice from behind.

In the final round, Roman Dominguez faces Badger for the New Breed Title. In a hard fought battle, Dominguez makes Badger submit in a submission. Even though he had lost the match, Badger must of felt some pleasure at that point being in a championship match, while still enjoying the thrill of pinning Justice. Badgerís schadenfreude did not last long.

Later in the event, the tag team champions The International Ego Trip, put out a challenge to any tag team. The Green Mountain Grapplers accepted that challenge, and defeated the champions in a non title bout. After the match, the Grapplers unmasked to reveal themselves as "Loveryboy" Ricky William and Jamar "Magic" Justice. That win guaranteed a future title match with the champions.

"You should have seen Badger," says an unidentified wrestler. "I saw him go from joy after his championship match, to utter despair when he saw Jamar was one of the Grapplers that just defeated the tag champs. When Jamar took off that mask, it was like someone knocked him (Badger) down to the ground and stepped on him."

At the IYFW Anniversary Show "Season 4: Deception is Reality," Adam Badger is part of Team Burton in a Elimination Match of Survival. Team Burton is facing Team Evans. In the match, Badger is eliminated by C.J. Scott and Team Evans ends up winning the Survival Match.

Later in the event, Jamar "Magic" Justice and "Loverboy" Ricky Williams defeat The International Ego Trip and become IYFW Tag Team Champions.

"Winning the title was the accumulation of Jamarís hard work," says Alistair Barneys,Executive Director of IYFW Public Relations. "It was so good to see the first graduate of the IYFW Academy win a title."

Jamar Justice winning a title belt was making Adam Badger more and more frustrated. Badger considered himself a better wrestler than Justice, but thought that he (Badger) had been given tougher opponents to face then had Justice.

On December 11, 2010, Badgerís frustration finally exploded at "Controlled Chaos". It was during this event that Badger was part of a 3 way contest with C.J. Scott and the champion Roman Dominguez. Dominquez retained the title by defeating Scott. Later that night, Badger interferes with the tag team title match, causing Jamar Justice and Ricky Williams losing the titles back to The International Ego Trip. It was here that Badger declares "There is no way Jamar will hold a title in IYFW if I have anything to do with it."

"Defy the Odds" on April 30, 2011, finally saw a showdown between the tag teams of Badger and Michael Monroe against Jamar Justice and Ricky Williams. Badger receives some satisfaction when he pins Justice. Badger believes, correctly that the tide has now turned and he is destined for a belt.

At the "Coronation Cup 2011," Badger and Monroe defeat The International Ego Trip to win the tag team championship. This was also the time that Jamar Justice would receive an ankle injury keeping him out of the ring.

In their first defense as champions, they faced The Killer Steves on August 13, 2011 at the "Summertime Bruise". Badger and Monroe seemed to be overwhelmed by the challengers,and the champions get themselves disqualified and keep the titles. Again, Badger showed frustration by swearing and using gestures at the crowd. The IYFW representatives "officially" sanction Badger for these transgressions.

October 1, 2011: The champions of Badger and Monroe face Shiloh Robinson and the Ricketty Rocket. The Rocket was substituting for "Loverboy" Ricky Williams who could not attend the event. The champions retained the titles. Jamar Justice was in the corner of Robinson and the Rocket. Fans could see the pleasure in Badger's face in the win over Justiceís team.

Jamar Justice is now finishing his recovery from his injuries and it is anticipated that Justice and Badger will soon meet, but not yet one-on-one.

Their paths crossed at "The Brass Ring" On November 12, 2011, in the Elimination Match of Survival. Badger chose to keep Justice at bay by attacking Justice's still fragile ankle with the Tag Team Title belt, disqualifying himself.

"Justice wants revenge on the injuries and interference from Badger," says Alistair Barneys. "And Badger, honestly is a disappointment. He seemed to abandon the fans for getting a title."

Barneys view is not shared by all at IYFW. The enigmatic wrestler WAR looks at it differently.

"He (Adam Badger) gets it," says WAR. "I have said it before, wrestling is conflict. Jealousy and hate is the foundation of wrestling. You are jealous of someone with a title, so you drive yourself until you can beat him. Two wrestlers hate each other, which is why there are feuds in the ring. No one ever faced someone in the wrestling ring because they liked each other."

Perhaps the conflict between Jamar "Magic" Justice and the Spectacular Adam Badger is a point of view. One is letting his talent and skill showcase, the other letting his rage and envy drive him. We will see which is stronger when these two men meet in the ring.

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