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Rumor Control for July 11, 2009

  • In Your Face Wrestling's debut in New York promises to be a can't miss, one-night-only, unprecedented........look folks, we don't need to hype ourselves with cliche, over used phrases. IYFW is about one thing: providing professional wrestling. IYFW is not sports entertainment, it's not MMA, it's not an American version of "strong style", it is PRO-WRESTLING. We have competitors who want to show what they can do in the ring. We have an office that is focused on giving all the competitors a chance to shine and making sure the audience enjoys the show. That is what IYFW is all about.

  • On July 18th, C.J. Scott, a guy who has been wrestling for only 2 years, gets his shot at the top prize in IYFW, the In Your Face Wrestling Championship. This is something the top names in IYFW have gone for and failed to get; Kriptic Keegan, Vigo, Drake Evans, etc. This young guy, who a lot of people thought had no chance to win the Coronation Cup, did just that and has this opportunity. We don't think he wants to just half ass it that night. But, Fronz Roddy has gotten away by the skin of his teeth with the title on several occasions. This may be C.J.'s make or break opportunity.

  • The Axis has the opportunity to leave with all the gold on July 18th. The Middle Eastern Representative, Al Jihad, and his partner "Millennium Millionaire" Scott Scarsdale get the champions, The Williams Express. Both "Loverboy" Ricky and "Bombshell" Bert have dealt with their respective injuries which have put them on the shelf as a team in the past and prevented a title defense in June, but both men are back 100% to fight their toughest test. Scarsdale and Jihad have been unstoppable as a team. This is a tough one to call.

  • "The Portuguese Princess" gets In Your Face! Ariel makes a stop into IYFW on July 18th to take on Alexxus. We know about the tenacity of Alexxus and her match with MsChif back in June, but Ariel brings with her international experience and the ability of one of the best women's athletes on the scene today. This will be another World Class Women's match up to say the least.

  • Beast vs. Hellraiser! On July 18th Pierre Vachon and Payne go head to head. Both men fought out of the ring and out of the building on June 20th, eliminating themselves from winning the Free-For-All match and the Coronation Cup Tournament. We understand both men wanted to have a No DQ, Hardcore match, but the New York State Athletic Commission wouldn't allow it. Looks like both men will have to play nice on this show. Will it work?

  • Are you a fan of the original World Of Hurt Wrestling that rocked Schenectady, Rotterdam and Hudson Falls, NY? IYFW has presented the largest contingency of talent originating from WOHW: JP Black, The Bull, Reed James, HC Loc, Mikey Muddzerella, Shockwave, Al Jihad, Maxx Burton, Ian Daniels, Drake Evans, Good Lord Willing, Scott Scarsdale, Northern Studd and Bert Williams have all been in the squared circle of both WOHW and IYFW.

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