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Rumor Control for October 30, 2012

The Beast, The Icon, The Pillar and The Force
The road to In Your Face Wrestling's Season 6: EndGame
By IYFW Senior Referee Daniel Roberts

Before I start this article about the four men who have been involved in the bitter war for the In Your Face Wrestling Championship throughout 2012, I would like the readers to know that I write this from the most objective perspective anyone looking in can have in the company: I write this as the man who has called the action in some of the most pivotal matches to take place in the history of In Your Face Wrestling. Some have called my actions as Senior Referee in IYFW questionable at best and at worst bias and unjust, however I have often found myself having the "best seat in the house" as I have called the majority of the matches that involve the four men who all are vying for the shot to be called In Your Face Wrestling Heavyweight Champion on November 3rd, 2012 at Season 6: EndGame.

(I'm also not an English Major, so if you find yourself with a red pen circling my grammatical errors - get new lives, people.)

This is not the typical article either. Instead of long drawn out 9 page history lesson, I'm going to take a look at each of the four men individually, giving you the reader their year long record beginning at "Season 5: Cauldron of Hate" and letting you decide who will win The Final 4-Way match at EndGame.

"The Icon" Drake Evans:
2012 Coronation Cup Winner
Wins 4 - Losses 2 - Draws 2

Considered by many The Icon of IYFW, Drake Evans found himself competing in high profile matches throughout Season 5, winning the 2012 Coronation Cup by defeating 4 men to achieve the win. Evans also found himself main-eventing IYF Wrestling's Memories, Moments and Mayhem event in May, teaming with "The Shaft" Bobby Ocean to face WWE Legend Fit Finlay and Bobby Fish. The one accomplishment that eluded Drake Evans in 2012 was winning The IYFW Heavyweight Championship even though he found himself across the ring from IYFW Heavyweight Champion Pierre "The Beast" Vachon on two occasions in main events at Seize The Moment in January and Vengeful To The Core in September. However, both of those matches ended with "The Pillar" Roman Dominguez costing Drake Evans the title by interfering in the match. Drake Evans would get some amount of retribution facing off against "The Pillar" on a few occasions, but nothing would make up for the fact that he didn't obtain is ultimate goal of being IYFW Champion. But now The Icon is going into a match where there are no rules and no restrictions, the only way to win is to be willing to put it all on the line for a chance to be the Champion. Drake Evans has proved time and time again that he will put his body through hell to win. Will Season 6 be the Era of The Icon?

"The Pillar" Roman Dominguez:
First IYFW New Breed Champion
Wins 6 - Losses 1 - Draws 1

Personal and professional differences aside, to be honest - I dig Roman's style. Let's face the facts, if you wanted to pick an underdog in this match it's "The Pillar." Smaller than the other competitors in The Final 4-Way, Roman makes up for his lack of size by using a brutal and sometimes sadistic offense to attack opponents. Roman Dominguez proved early on in Season 5 that he was willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead when he kicked "The Force from the North" Vigo in the head causing partial deafness in his ear. The 2 men would eventually face off at Memories, Moments and Mayhem in May, with Roman Dominguez getting disqualified by a referee who shall remain nameless at this point. Roman competed for the IYFW Championship only once. At the 2012 Coronation Cup, "The Pillar" assaulted "The Beast" with everything in his arsenal to try and win the coveted IYFW Championship. That would not be his night however, in a valiant effort Roman Dominguez would lose to Vachon by passing out to The Mandible Claw. "The Pillar" has proved time and again that he has what it takes to make it in the Main Event Picture at IYFW, but how far is the Leader of The Legion willing to go to prove that he is the deserving In Your Face Wrestling Heavyweight Champion?

"The Force from the North" Big Vigo:
Former In Your Face Wrestling Champion
Wins 6 - Losses 1 - Draws 0

Big Vigo started off Season 5 as The IYFW Champion heading into Cauldron of Hate, going head to head with Pierre "The Beast" Vachon in what was dubbed "The Largest Match in IYFW History". What was the beginning of a promising run as IYFW Champion turned into a nightmare when "The Beast" pulled out all of the stops to obtain the Championship that night even throwing fire into the eyes of Vigo to blind him. Vigo's rage would slowly start to build as Season 5 rolled on, making a "Hit List" of people he had to eliminate before he would go after Vachon for the title. Vigo would tear through the competition, everyone from The Savage Wolves to Good Lord Willing would feel the wrath of "The Force from the North". Vigo held a flawless win/loss record for most of 2012. That record would be tainted when Vigo faced Pierre "The Beast" Vachon at Can't Tread On Us in July for The IYFW Championship, where Vigo was disqualified for using the title belt as a weapon. IYFW's Favorite Fatkid would soon erupt and has been on the warpath since. Now, "The Force from the North" is heading into Season 6 into a match tailor made for a man of Vigo's intense rage. Can he focus long enough to capture the IYFW Championship, or will The Big Red Rage Monster that is Vigo once again fall short of becoming IYFW Champion?

Pierre "The Beast" Vachon:
Current In Your Face Wrestling Champion
Wins 5 - Losses 1 - Draws 1

Since capturing the IYFW Championship last October, Pierre "The Beast" Vachon has held the title hostage, laying waste to anyone who attempts to get their hands on it. From it's violent beginning, The Reign of The Beast has been marred with controversial victories and outcomes where come hell or high water Pierre Vachon leaves with the title. Having faced such In Your Face mainstays as "The Dark Pony" JP Black, "The Shaft" Bobby Ocean and "The Human Horror Film" Nocturne, Vachon managed to rack up wins, however very few victories that "The Beast" garnered in 2012 were done so without some amount of cheating or underhanded tricks to achieve the win. Having faced all 3 other competitors in The Final 4-Way, Vachon knows exactly what each opponent is capable of doing. Using the previous engagements to scout out and pick apart weaknesses that each one has. Adding to that, this match is right up Vachon's alley. No disqualification, anything goes, maximum carnage! Pierre "The Beast" Vachon's only drawback is that he does not have to be pinned to lose the title in this particular match. Anyone can be pinned and the title changes hands. Can "The Beast" continue his reign as IYFW Heavyweight Champion into 2013 or will The Reign of The Beast finally come to an end on Novermber 3rd in Ballston Spa?

With all of the built up hostility over the last year between all four of these men, the outcome could go anyway. All four of these competitors are deserving champions in their own right. Each man has a burning desire to be the In Your Face Champion and all of them are willing to prove it. The time for talk will be over when they walk out to the ring for Season 6: EndGame on November 3rd. Place your bets!

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