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Rumor Control for December 27, 2010

We hope all our fans enjoyed the holiday season. Weíve been on a break since our last show but we are back with some news coming from "Controlled Chaos." Ariba!
WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana finally did what so many in In Your Face Wrestling were hoping would happen...get Maxx Burton. Burtonís ego had been running rampant and he finally got what was coming to him on December 11th when Burton gave up in the figure-four leg lock to Santana. It was a pleasure having Tito Santana be apart of IYFW and the company was glad the fans enjoyed the experience.

DeSade walks....runs off!
Guillaume deSade has been about keeping the IYFW title by any means necessary. Well, when he was challenged by "Big in Japan" Bobby Fish he not only walked out of the match, he walked out of the building. When the challenger showed to be too much to handle, deSade first tried walking to the locker room to take the count out. However, both Fish and Drake Evans forced him back into the ring. When Bobby Fish seemed to have the champion in trouble and looked to put him away for good, deSade ran out the side door and left the arena. Some eyewitness reports said they saw deSade jump in a car and he may have kidnapped a woman and a baby while speeding out of the parking lot. Those reports have not been confirmed but knowing the means to which the champion will go, itís very likely.

The International Ego Trip win the titles in a "Spectacular" fashion.
Jamar Justice was ready to put Fronz Roddy away and retain the Tag Team titles, when "The Spectacular" Adam Badger sneaked in and hit Justice from behind allowing Fronz to recover and hit "The Aus Crusher" to win the championships. Badger was quoted later as saying "if Iím not holding a title, there is no way Jamar is either." Justice and "Loverboy" Ricky Williams both were in contact with IYFW officials demanding that they be signed into a tag match with Badger and whomever. We shall see what comes out of this situation.

Evans is No. 1
After a grueling match with "The Shaft" Bobby Ocean, Drake Evans won the match to be the next top contender to the In Your Face Wrestling title. Evans has been trying to get his one-on-one shot at Gullaume deSade since April when he lost the title, but was never beaten for it. IYFW Officials are primed to sign the match at the next scheduled event.

"The Pillar" retains and instigates.
Roman Dominguez retained the IYFW New Breed title by beating C.J. Scott in a 3-way match with Adam Badger. Later in the evening, while Shiloh Robinson was being interviewed about his knee injury, Dominguez instigated himself to take over the interview. When Robinson made it clear he was going to recover soon and come after the New Breed title, "The Pillar" jumped him and locked him in the Arch of Constantine submission. Referees and IYFW Commissioner Alexzandra got Dominguez to relinquish the hold. We have word that the move has extended Robinsonís recovery time, but Shiloh is determined to get revenge.

Weíll be back with a year end review of 2010.
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