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Rumor Control for January 14, 2008
Fallout from "Dominance: Established"

Evans returns the favor to Roddy!
In the main event of Superbeast and Fronz Roddy against Big Vigo and Drake Evans, fans got to see four of the top stars in the company battle in a fantastic tag team confrontation. In the closing moments, as Superbeast and Vigo were fighting on the floor, Drake had Fronz set up for the Tiger Driver when Mackie Schrody, replacing Hanz, distracted the referee after placing Fronz's exerciser in the opposite corner. Drake went to get Mackie down, while Fronz crawled towards the weapon. But what Fronz forgot was Yvonna, who came around and snatched it before Fronz could. She tossed it to Drake who stood strong with it. Fronz begged off as Drake faked out Mackie, who dropped to the floor and Drake then threw the exerciser to Fronz and fell to his back. Referee Al Scott turned to see Fronz with the exerciser and promptly DQ'd him. Roddy, who had earlier in the "Tea Time" interview segment called all wrestlers who get emotional in their matches "girly men" and "choir boys," began throwing a temper tantrum as he was humiliated and embarassed by Drake who out smarted him. This was payback for Fronz ruining the "International Combat" match last time between Drake and 1PW's James Wallace. Word is that the next morning an email was sitting in the offices inbox from Fronz who now wants to fight Evans 1-on-1. Vigo and Superbeast also matched each other blow for blow; these 2 are on a path to armageddeon.

The New Boss!
After Good Lord Willing's "Tea Time" segment, he proceeded into the ring and began complaining about not having a match that night and dared anyone to come out and stop him from talking. This prompted a man named Joey Eastman to the ring who informed GLW as well as the audience that he was the boss and asked Willing to leave. Willing, now face to face with the boss, left accordingly. Joey Eastman then announced his official title as Executive Vice President Director of Operations and Talent Relations, and promised the fans would see the best action in IYFW. He made note that a special announcement will be made soon on this site concerning championships to be coveted.

A Public Argument!
After Guillaume DeSade had defeated Nocturne in one of the best matches of the night with a hook of the tights, he began attacking Nocturne with a whip which prompted Maxx Burton, who was not allowed to wrestle on this night by his doctor, to run out and stop Guillaume. DeSade then ran out the back door. The crowd was happy to see Maxx come to Nocturne's rescue, but one person who was not was Joey Eastman. He and Burton got into a heated argument right in front of the crowd in which Eastman called Burton a liability and Burton dared Eastman to fire him. Both men walked off, but this situation could be one to keep an eye on.

80's Guys recruit a Hardcore Insurance Policy!
Those 80's Guys introduced "The Hardcore Cowgirl" Alexzandra to be in their corner against Divine Diversity who had their valet Lindsay Lynn in their corner. Alexzandra definitely showed to be instrumental in keeping Lindsay at bay. This allowed Those 80's Guys to worry only about The Northern Studd and The Bull. In the end, and one "Hart Attack" later, Those 80's Guys and Alexzandra were standing tall with their hands in victory.

Coming soon: The blockbuster announcement by Exec. V.P. Dir. of Ops. & Talent Relations, Mr. Dr. Prof. Joey Eastman concerning the first IYFW title, and many more happenings to come.

Joey LaRocque reporting.

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