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Rumor Control for October 7, 2011

Who do you cheer for, when you hate everyone?
by Arthur Becket

There is no doubt that there are fan favorites in wrestling. You can tell who they are when they come through the curtains. The crowd erupts when they enter the ring. They feed off the excitement from the crowd, shaking hands talking to the fans. Then there are the other types of wrestlers, the ones who fans love to hate.

The fans seem to dislike a wrestler who seems conceited or a wrestler who is sadistic, concerned about inflicting punishment on his opponent than winning. Some wrestlers receive the distain of the fans just by not caring about what the fans think of them. These descriptions may apply to the wrestlers in the recent New Breed Title match between the challenger Fronz Roddy and the champion Roman Dominguez. Both of these men cannot be accused of being fan favorites.

Many fans already know the Fronz Roddy is somewhat conceited, having a moniker of "The Great One" testifies to that. Fronz Roddy has also shown the fans his conceited side, flexing his muscles before a match and his belittling of his opponents skills and the crowd itself. The only thing bigger then Roddy’s ego is his skill itself. Fronz Roddy has been one of the most successful wrestlers in In Your Face Wrestling.

Earlier I described the characteristics of the wrestlers who the fans love to hate. One of the characteristics is someone who is a sadistic in nature and does not care what the fans think of him. This is the trait of the former champion Roman Dominguez. Dominguez seems impervious to how the crowd views him; he has defeated opponents without even acknowledging the existence of the crowd. Roman Dominguez’s style of wrestling sometimes has also turned off the crowd. He likes to inflict punishment and suffering on his opponent before he is able to win. Like Fronz Roddy, a nickname can help describe the personality of the man. "The Pillar" describes his persona in the ring; strength, power, unyielding.

If both of these wrestlers are no fan favorites, does it mean the crowd will not be "into the match" "No, being a fan favorite means nothing" said Alastair Barneys, Executive Director of IYFW Public Relations before the match. "You do not have to be a fan favorite to be entertaining ," as he continues. "Both of these men bring something different to the squared circle. Roddy has his flamboyant confidence and skill, and Dominguez has his punishing wrestling style and a never quit attitude. This match will be one for the record books."

Now the match is over, we can discuss the reactions of the crowd. Initially when both men entered the ring, both men received polite cheers and an occasional boo.

During the match, it was not the crowd which was trying to find its voice, but the wrestlers themselves. It appears each man was trying to out-do the other in getting the crowd to dislike him. Their disdain for the appreciation of the crowd overwhelmed their abilities in the ring until the match turned into a series of power moves, hair pulling and eye gouging. At one point of the match, the wrestlers began choking each other, and then the referee, who in turn ended up choking both!

In the end, it was the self proclaimed "great one" Fronz Roddy who ended up winning the gold that night. In an magnanimous and uncharacteristic move, Fronz Roddy gave the previous champ Dominguez a thumbs up.

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