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Rumor Control for December 21, 2008

Two major happenings over the last year would have to be the bitter feuds that have developed between 4 of IYFW's top athletes.

Drake Evans and Fronz Roddy have been at each other's throats since Roddy's ruining of the "International Combat" match at our debut show. Drake and Fronz have gone around the bend several times, but never 1 on 1. Roddy has done everything he can to avoid that scenario and has only faced Drake in tag matches. Fronz screwed Drake out of a victory in the In Your Face Rumble and went on to steal the IYFW Championship from J.P. Black. Drake has been hot on his heels beating everyone in his path to get to Fronz. We'll see if Evans can finally get the young Austrian in the ring 1 on 1 and for the title in 2009.

Then there is Vigo and Superbeast. Talk about a Clash of the Titans. It's no secret that these two hate eachother with an intense aggression the likes of which we have never seen in IYFW. They were DQ'd within 20 seconds of their first 1 on 1 match at Coronation Weekend Night 1 and tore the arean down on Night 2 in the "Marble City Street Fight." We all know officials won't sign them again, but Superbeast's constant interference on Vigo's matches in recent months has prompted "The Force from the North" to beg the fans of IYFW to tell the officials 3 words: "Give Vigo Superbeast." 2009 will show whether or not the officials are listening.

Other events:

  • Joey Eastman was hired in January as the Executive Vice President Director of Operations and Talent Relations. He made some great decisions, including the commissioning of the IYFW Championship and Tag Team Championships. However he seemed to get personal when it came to Maxx Burton. Burton called out Eastman to fire him in front of the January audience and Eastman took major offense to Burton's actions. From then on it seemed Eastman had a vendetta with Maxx; going so far as to use IYFW funds to pay HC Loc, an outsider who was not under contract at the time, to come and try to take out Maxx Burton. Eastman's actions would prove counter productive as IYFW officials relieved him of his position shortly afterwards. There has been no word from Joey Eastman since.

  • "Loverboy" Ricky Williams and "Bombshell" Bert Williams formed The Williams Express in January at "Dominance: Established." However, Ricky would suffer a torn ACL and would be put on the shelf for months. Bert tried several attempts at the tag titles with various partners, but came up short each time. After months of hard work and determination on both men's parts, Ricky returned in November 2008 with Bert to reform the team and finally win the titles.

  • Scott Scarsdale proclaimed himself a tag team wrestling expert, saying he can take anyone as a partner and win. This holds true against Team Do or Die in June and August but November proved to be Do or Die’s night as the rookie team won their first IYFW match by pinning Scarsdale's partner, Timmy Aiight. Scarsdale drops Aiight after and goes on a hunt for a permanent partner to go for the tag team gold.

  • Maxx Burton and HC Loc begin a very personal feud where it doesn't seem to be about hatred, money or titles, but more about respect. Once friends now enemies, Burton proved in August that he could go toe to toe with Loc in their first ever match up, but Loc wins the match with a choke submission. Loc was to take Burton out, as ordered by Joey Eastman, but Loc rejects the deal and leaves Burton alone. Loc was impressed by Burton and offered him a spot in November as his running buddy. Burton denies it and challenges Loc to a rematch. Loc seems hesitant to accept as he may fear Burton may get the upper hand next time. As of this time Loc has not responded to the challenge.

  • Good Lord Willing and the Green Mountain Grappler have been giving audiences some of the most entertaining IYFW action on the shows. Their "feud" seems to have no end either. We've seen a Flag match and a "European Street Fight," what may be next when the purveyor of "Shut your mouth" and the spike horn salute meet.

Special Guests!
  • "The Spirit of Scotland" James Wallace: A man who has been a competitor in many organizations through out the world including 1PW in England and Michinoku Pro in Japan.

  • Shockwave The Robot: The cybernetic superstar who has competed for Pro Wrestling Zero-1 Max in Japan.

  • H.C. Loc: former Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champion and known as "The Extreme Official" in the original Extreme Championship Wrestling promotion.

  • Lexie Fyfe: Former NWA World Women’s Wrestling Champion. She has competed in wrestling promotions through out Europe and across the US. She has also made appearances on WWE Raw.

No doubt 2007-2008 was a hell of a year of action for IYFW. Now 2009 awaits to bring more new talent, more twists and turns and a whole lot of In Your Face action to the fans of Vermont and who knows where else.

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