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Rumor Control for November 27, 2008

"Season 2: Let the Madness Continue" was a huge success. It drew the biggest crowd so far for IYFW and helped the Local Rutland Area Fuel Assistance program.
Drake Evans came out the winner in the Elimination Match of Survival over The Axis. IYFW Champion "The Mighty" Fronz Roddy was none-to-pleased with this outcome. He knows that this puts Drake even closer to attaining a one-on-one encounter and also puts him in line for a title shot. Letís see how Fronz tries to dance around this one.

This was the plea from Vigo as he is getting tired of Superbeastís attempts to ruin his matches and chances at titles. We all know that IYFW management will not sign these two in a match, so Vigo went to the fans and begged them to help by emailing the office and get the match signed. IYFW has received numerous emails from fans wanting this match, weíll see if their campaign will help "The Force from the North."

After Maxx Burtonís defeat of Ian Daniels, H.C. Loc came out to speak to Maxx about their match this past August. Loc praised the match and offered Maxx a chance to come with him on the road to "better places." Burton denied this opportunity and challenged Loc to a rematch to prove that he could beat Loc. The former ROH World Tag Team Champion made it clear that if they were to meet again, he would have to not just beat Maxx, but hurt him. To which Burton replied "Hurt Me!" Loc has a special contract where he calls his own shots and can get the match signed, but as of now he is not showing any interest in doing so.

The Williams Express reunited on November 15th and dethroned Divine Diversity of the belts. Bert Williams has been in pursuit of the titles since June and has tried several different partners, but it took "Loverboy" Ricky Williamsís return, after a torn ACL put him on the shelf, for these men to win the belts. Divine Diversity is currently lobbying for a rematch; time will tell on that happening.

Team Do or Die, CJ Scott & Josh Jordan along with Jena Mya, finally got a win in IYFW and they got it over the self proclaimed "Tag Team Wrestling Expert" Scott Scarsdale and his partner du jour, Timmy A'iight. Scarsdale was irate at Timmy losing the match and has stated that he is on the hunt for a permanent partner to challenge for the Tag Team gold. Team Do or Die are also looking to get their shot at the titles. Other teams like The Killer Steves and The Nubian Lynch Mob all are gunning for the belts.

IYFW will be back in Rutland, VT on Saturday February 21st at the Holiday Inn. We understand that on this night will be one of the most special matches in the history of not just IYFW but all Vermont Wrestling. More details to come. Until then IYFW thanks all our fans for their support over the past year and we look forward to another great one.

A Year in Review coming soon.


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