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Rumor Control for September 8, 2011

IYFW Academy: Is it one of the best wrestling schools in the business?
by William Bacon

There is a sound of someone being slammed on the ring. Wrestlers breathing hard trying to catch their breath. Most of all, knowledge being given from mentors to new recruits. This is what you can find at the In Your Face Wrestling Academy.

The In Your Face Wrestling Academy has established itself as one of the premier places for inspiring wrestlers to learn and grow in the wrestling world. Many of the up and coming IYFW stars learned the ropes at this academy, and new generations of new recruits are showing up every day.

How did this school produce so many great wrestlers? Head trainer Drake Evans says it is not by chance "we have developed a series of steps and workouts which will help mold those who come to our school."

Evaluation is one of the first steps in the school. "We like to see what the person is arriving with, what skill level and athleticism are they are now," explains Evans. "We cannot build up someone until we can find out what kind of foundation we are building upon.

"After we critique them, we then teach them the basics. At this school they must master the basic moves before they can try the flashy ones. Once we develop the base, then we build one it. We determine what kind of moves the wrestlers are capable of doing, and expand from there."

How does this training of the students impact their ability to wrestle in other territories? "When a graduate of the IYFW Academy comes to our federation," says promoter Joey Laroque "you know they are good, no matter how little experience they have in the ring. I know they can get in that ring with anyone." This praise is shared with many promoters of wrestling federations throughout the wrestling world.

How have some of the graduates from the academy faired in IYFW? To answer this you need to only look at the first graduate Jamar "Magic" Justice. Justice graduated from the IYFW Academy and first appeared in IYFW in December 2009. Soon after he debuted he defeated veteran Scott Scarsdale in the ring, with ignited a feud between the two. Jamar Justice soon became known throughout the Capital area, even having an article about him in the Saratogian newspaper. Other Wrestlers such as Adam Badger, Shiloh Robinson, and Liam McFerrin have all found success in the wrestling world after graduating from the school.

Wrestling is not the only thing being taught and learned at the academy. "We expose them to every aspect of the wrestling world," states Evans. "We help them in character development, picking ring attire and basic wrestling protocol. These are very import aspect of wrestling when you start your career and many other so called wrestling trainers ignore this import part."

"IYFW prides itself as being one of the best places to learn this sport," explains Joey Larocque. "We have the best trainers in the business and also let others share in the training, we encourage that the seasoned wrestlers pass their knowledge to younger wrestlers."

IYFW Academy does indeed encourage this passing of knowledge. Many of the seasoned veterans, such as "Big In Japan" Bobby Fish, Scott Scarsdale, Bobby Ocean and Maxx Burton all have done special training sessions at the school.

The wrestling school is not only for new recruits, but many of the experienced wrestlers in IYFW use the school also. One of these seasoned veterans is WAR. "IYFW Academy has such a great atmosphere for wrestling," states WAR. "I like to go there to hone my skills." WAR continues "Not to mention, with all my experience, over 13 years experience in the ring, I go there and still learn something new each time."

If you have the desire to be a wrestler," comments Drake Evans. "If wrestling is your passion and your dream, we can help you make that dream a reality."

If you are interested or know someone who want to join, visit the Academy information page to contact us.

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