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Rumor Control for April 27, 2016

"Must Win Situation: Drake Evans vs. Bobby Ocean"
by Walt Ball

This Saturday, at In Your Face Wrestling presents "Back on Our Way" in Delanson, NY, Drake Evans and Bobby Ocean, two friends, will put their friendship and comradery aside for one night and face one another for the IYFW Championship. This will be their 4th encounter in IYFW, their 3rd with the title on the line. For both men, it is a must win situation.

With his zero nonsense/all business attitude, exciting matches and blue collar work ethic, "Hard Hitting" Bobby Ocean is, without a doubt, one of the most popular wrestlers to set foot in IYFW. When you see his name on the card, you will definitely be getting your money's worth.

However, despite his popularity, Ocean's record in championship matches has been less than stellar. His record in such matches now stands at 1-6, 2 of these losses have come from Evans. The only win being over Jamar "Magic" Justice for the IYFW New Breed title, a reign that would last a very short time as he would lose it to "Mr. Canada" Ricky Williams in his first title defense. His last attempt for a title came in June of last year against Elite Terrell, again for the New Breed championship. While the odds-on-favorite Ocean dominated the less experienced champion throughout the course of the match, a slight miscalculation found Bobby losing, leaving others in question of whether or not he will find himself in the championship picture once again.

Ocean rebounded himself over the course of the year and solidified his #1 contendership to the IYFW championship once again, winning this year's In Your Face Rumble at "Memories, Moments and Mayhem" in March. This Saturday, it's make or break time for Bobby Ocean. This may be the final time he gets to prove he is championship material and more than just a popular, exciting wrestler. A loss could permanently plummet him down the ranks. This Saturday, he has to do it against a man who he not only considers a friend but also somebody who has had his number every time they faced off in an IYFW ring.

For champion Drake Evans, this is also a must win. A win to prove that no matter how pressing the competition gets, he can keep moving forward as champion. Despite being a very savvy in-ring technician, Drake has a tendency of having his matches turn into smashmouth brawls. A violent cage match with former rival Chip Stetson, a brutal hardcore match with Lenn Oddity, a very physical bout with Cassius Cutcher as well as a just as physical 8-man tag vs. The Indy Card Mafia have all been part of what Drake Evans has endured in the past year. Not mention the equally physical battles he has also had in his 16 year career.

Drake's matches are akin to the late great heavyweight boxing champion Rocky Marciano. While Drake has found himself on the winning end on most occasions, the abrasive and brutal nature of his matches have left him looking like the loser: beaten, battered and on the brink of collapsing from exhaustion once he reaches backstage. But like the old gunslingers of the west, he always has room for one more big fight. Despite his 2 one-on-one victories over Bobby Ocean, Drake knows that he will not walk out of the ring feeling the same. If he were to win, what will his condition be afterwards? We'll he be able to continue and fight on as champion? And if so, a long line of new contenders wait in the wings, awaiting a title shot. From vicious, "whatever it takes" adversaries like Cassius Cutcher and "The Mad Wolf" Trip to seemingly unstoppable powerhouses like Jimmy Jact Cash and Zack Clayton to blue chippers like Elite Terrell and "The Hybrid" Sean Carr, there is a new wave of challengers lying ahead. But first, Drake Evans has to survive and win the "Hard Hitting" challenge this Saturday...

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