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Rumor Control for October 10, 2010

We are less than one week from In Your Face Wrestling’s Anniversary show and there is plenty of excitement to get ready for on October 16th.

Guillaume deSade vs. Vigo for the IYFW Championship in a Hangman's Noose Match!
These two men first met in a 4-way Free-For-All during the first Coronation Cup Tournament in 2009. It was that night that Vigo first felt the noose around his neck. In December of that year, the two men faced one-on-one but that match would see no end to these men’s feud. DeSade was disqualified for choking Vigo again with the noose. Then it was at "Hanging By a Thread," fittingly, that they would face again in a tag match. That night Vigo’s wife, Yvonna Leach, felt the noose as deSade proved how far he was willing to go by choking a woman. DeSade was suspended at the next event in March for those actions, but Vigo was waiting for his chance to get at DeSade again. At "Amsterdamage" he got that chance in a 4-way Free-For-All for the IYFW title. DeSade stayed as far away from Vigo as he could, and tried to choke Yvonna Leach again, but this time he felt the fury of a woman scorned as Yvonna fought deSade off. DeSade went on to win the IYFW title in that match. Now fate has led both men to face each other in the main event of IYFW’s Anniversary show "Deception is Reality" with the stipulation of the Hangman’s Noose Match where there are no rules and no pins. Just put the noose around your opponent’s neck to win. Vigo has stated that he is more out to hurt deSade than win the IYFW Championship, while DeSade waits to feel the rush of choking another victim with his noose and keep his title by any means necessary. This could see the end to their feud, but it could also be the end for one or both of their careers.

The International Ego Trip vs. "Loverboy" Ricky Williams & Jamar "Magic" Justice for the IYFW Tag Team Titles
The Northern Studd & Fronz Roddy call themselves the International Ego Trip because they have held more titles together than anyone in IYFW. So to show how great they are, they put out an open challenge at "Night of the New Breed." This was answered by The Green Mountain Grapplers, or so we thought. As the match went on, the champions were showing their cockiness, but it would be there downfall as one Grappler cinched up Fronz Roddy with a roll up and scored the pinfall. The champions and the fans were obviously shocked by this. But they were even more shocked to see the Grapplers unmask to reveal themselves to be Jamar Justice and Ricky Williams. The champions were so distraught by this embarassment, they immediately went to the office to sign a rematch, but this time the titles would be on the line. Ricky Williams is a former IYFW Tag Team Champion as part of The Williams Express who won the titles from Divine Diversity which The Northern Studd was a member. Jamar Justice has become one of the most beloved wrestlers in IYFW. To say they have all the momentum going for them is an understatement, but the champions have plenty of tricks up their sleeve.

Team Burton vs. Team Evans in the Elimination Match of Survival
Maxx Burton's change in attitude had been brooding for sometime, but his disdain for Drake Evans has come from out of nowhere. At no time did we ever see these two men, who were once friends, show any signs of turmoil. But Burton's ego has got the best of him and wants to prove himself as the "leader" in IYFW. To do so he wants to beat Evans in the Elimination Match of Survival. Both team captains have been successful in this match. Burton led a team to victory at the very first IYFW show, "Let the Madness Begin." Evans led his team to victory at the 1st Anniversary show, "Let the Madness Continue." We have gotten confirmation that Burton has chosen Pierre "The Beast" Vachon as one of his partners at "Deception is Reality" and Pierre won the Elimination Match at the 2nd anniverary show "Rising Spirits of Madness." We shall see on October 16th who else has been chosen as team partners.

From the Office IYFW Management:
We wanted to once again clarify that the World Class Women's Wrestling match between Barbie and MsChif has been cancelled due to MsChif's injury. We wanted to make sure fans are aware as our flyer promoting the October 16th show features both ladies on it. Our marketing department went to press well in advance of MsChif's injury so we could not recall all the flyers that had gone out. We do apologize to fans and once MsChif is back to 100%, she has assured IYFW she will be back.

There will be a huge announcement at "Deception is Reality" concerning a special guest that will be at the December 11th event "Controlled Chaos."

We shall see you all on October 16th!

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