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Rumor Control for October 17, 2010

DeSade keeps belt. Burton gets involved!
"The Hangman’s Noose Match" was everything it was expected to be and more. Guillaume deSade and Vigo had one of the most hardcore matches in recent shows. An unimaginable moment was when deSade handcuffed Vigo to the corner post and swallowed the key. Vigo proceeded to punch deSade in the stomach until the champion regurgitated up the key and Vigo freed himself. In the closing moments, Vigo had the noose in hand and was moving towards a weary champion when Maxx Burton, the man who came up with the stipulation for this match, came out with a chair and obliterated the knee of Vigo. He proceeded to hit him several times in the ribs. This gave deSade the chance to hook the noose around Vigo’s neck and keep the title. Although Vigo did not win the title, he did get revenge for all deSade has done to him and Yvonna Leach over the past year as deSade was visibly in tremendous pain.

New In Your Face Wrestling Tag Team Champions!
"Loverboy" Ricky Williams and Jamar "Magic" Justice defeated the International Ego Trip to win the titles when Jamar scooped Fronz Roddy in a roll up. This win saw a huge elation from the audience, the likes of which have not been seen before in IYFW. Fans were almost jumping the rail to congratulate the new champions. We understand that due to a clause in the contract, there will be a rematch on December 11th between the two teams and the belts will be on the line.

Evans is Master of Survival
Maxx Burton formed quite a formidable group with Pierre Vachon, Adam Badger and Scott Scarsdale. Drake Evans called upon C.J. Scott and Shiloh Robinson as his partners. Scarsdale would get the first win by pinning Shiloh Robinson. C.J. Scott eliminated Badger with a Package Piledriver. Pierre Vachon then choked out CJ with a Mandible Claw but would be disqualified for shoving the referee while pummeling Drake. Drake Evans hooked Scott Scarsdale in the Evans Lock to win the Elimination Match of Survival. After the match, Burton did climb in the ring but would not face off with Evans claiming it wasn’t the right time. This win will definitely shoot Evans back up the rankings.

Burton lays out the challenge
Commissioner Alexzandra made the announcement that WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana will be in action on December 11th. This news did not sit well with Maxx Burton, who promptly came out to voice his displeasure over this announcement. Burton went on to degrade Santana and issued a challenged to face him in any kind of match in Saratoga. Well, we have gotten confirmation that because of Burton’s challenge and his attack on Vigo in the Hangman’s Noose Match, IYFW officials have signed the main event of December 11th to be:

Maxx "The Ax" Burton & Pierre "The Beast" Vachon
Tito Santana & "The Force From the North" Vigo

So the main event is set, and the IYFW Tag Team title match is set. We will have more news soon concerning who Guillaume deSade will defend the IYFW title against on December 11th. We are hearing rumors that his next challenger is someone with international experience and has done battle in IYFW before.

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