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Rumor Control for February 21, 2010

Lots of news from In Your Face Wrestling

Fans will want pick up their home video of "Hanging By a Thread" to see special interviews from the IYFW Champion Drake Evans and Tag Team Champions Maxx Burton & CJ Scott. But that is just a teaser to witness the craziest night in IYFW. A tag match gets interrupted by another team showing up late. A man passes out from being too drunk to wrestle. Guillaume deSade tries to asphyxiate a woman manager and the champion slams an almost 400 pound monster. All that plus a whole lot more.

We recently received the following email from the office of the IYFW Commissioner Alexzandra:

We want to send out our thanks to the fans of IYFW in the Capital District for their tremendous support, and it's because of their support that IYFW is coming back on March 20th for "Unsportsmanlike Conduct." However, one person will not be coming to that event. Due to his actions at "Hanging By a Thread," Guillaume deSade has been suspended off the March 20th show. DeSade took it upon himself to put the Nubian Noose around the neck of Yvonna Leach, a licensed manager, not wrestler. This was not called for and the IYFW office had to take action. However, his match scheduled for the April 17th event against Vigo is still on.
So deSade will not be in attendance for the March 20th event. You would think this would put the Nubian Lynch Mob down a man, but that is not the case because we have just gotten word:

The Main Event for the In Your Face Wrestling Championship:
"The Shaft" Bobby Ocean (challenger) vs. Drake Evans (champion)

Ocean carries with him an undefeated record in IYFW into this match and went to a 15 minute time limit draw with Pro Wrestling NOAH star Bobby Fish in October '09. He has certainly earned his shot against Evans.

Also signed for March 20th:

In Your Face Wrestling Tag Team championship:
Etanna/Ian Daniels (challengers) vs. The Grindhouse (champions)

So the NLM have all the champions to contend with on March 20th. Already announced on this site is that Drake Evans is scheduled to defend the title against Etanna at the April 17th "Amsterdamage" event. Should Bobby Ocean defeat Evans and win the title, he will assume Drake's obligations. Although rumors are circulating that if Ocean does win the title, Etanna will forfeit his shot on April 17th.

More matches to be announced soon. Keep tabs on this site for more info.

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