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Rumor Control for January 1, 2010

2009 will definitely be remembered as the year the Fronz Roddy/Drake Evans feud came to an end. Here is a time line that shows the highpoints of this massive feud:

Feb 21: Drake Evans defeats another member of "The Axis" in Al Jihad, getting one step closer to the champion. Fronz Roddy successfully defended the In Your Face Wrestling title against Kryptic Keegan in one of the best matches of the year.

April 18: The Axis attacks Pierre Vachon in the parking lot, blackening both his eyes and sending him to the hospital. Interim Commissioner Maxx Burton signs a 3-on-2 handicap tag match with The Axis against Evans and a partner of his choosing. Evans in turn chooses Pierre Vachon who returned from the hospital. During the match, Evans suffers a back injury after being back body dropped on the wooden ring steps. Evans surpasses all odds and makes Good Lord Willing tap out and earns his long awaited title match against Fronz in June.

June 20: Drake Evans makes Fronz tap out. But due to a technicality, Senior Official Al Scott rules Fronz assaulted the assigned official and disqualifies him. Drake wins the match, but not the title.

July 18: Fronz successfully defends the IYFW title against 2009 Coronation Cup Winner C.J. Scott. Al Jihad and Scott Scarsdale claim the IYFW Tag Team Titles from The Williams Express. Good Lord Willing gets one up on The Green Mountain Grappler by winning his mask. The Axis appears unstoppable as they have all the titles and all the control.

October 10: Drake Evans chooses Vigo and Fronz Roddy chooses The Northern Studd to compete in the "Lieutenants Match." Northern Studd wins by DQ and gives Fronz the right to name the stipulation in the main event between Evans and himself. He chooses "Last Man Standing." Evans and Roddy trade pinfalls and near 10 counts until both men are double pinned and Drake gets to his feet 1 second before Fronz to win the match and the IYFW Championship.

December 12: Roddy is given his last chance to regain the title from Drake. Scott Scarsdale claims if Roddy doesn’t regain the title, he will pull his financial backing from The Axis. Evans defeats Roddy in a "Lumberjack Match" to retain the title. Before Evans can celebrate his total victory over Roddy, The Nubian Lynch Mob attacks him, setting in motion the next big threat to his title reign. Scott Scarsdale makes good on his promise and pulls his backing. The Axis, inevitably, ends.

Some other the top matches and most memorable moments in IYFW from 2009:

  • "Super Troll" Curtis Candy comes out of retirement to wrestle at "Coronation Cup 2009."
  • World Class Women’s Wrestling: Alexxus faces Shimmer Women’s Champion, MsChif in June.
  • N.L.M. member, "The Shaft" Bobby Ocean goes a 15 minute time limit draw with Pro Wrestling NOAH and Ring of Honor competitor, "Big in Japan" Bobby Fish.
  • IYFW Championship "Last Man Standing" Match: "The Dead End" Drake Evans defeats "The Mighty" Fronz Roddy for the title at "Season 3: Rising Spirits of Madness."
  • But, probably the most memorable moment in the entire year would have to go to "The Last Ride of The Dark Pony:" J.P. Black’s retirement match against Maxx "The Ax" Burton.The locker room stood with the audience to witness this match between 2 men with great respect for each other and Pro Wrestling. By far, the most emotional night in IYFW history.
Thanks to all our great fans for the continued support and we look forward to another great year in 2010. It all starts with February 6th in Ballston Spa, NY for IYFW’s "Hanging By a Thread."

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