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Rumor Control for April 27, 2008

More matches signed for IYFW's Coronation Weekend, June 6 & 7!

International Combat II on Friday June 6:

Fronz Roddy (Austria) & Al Jihad (Middle East) vs. Drake Evans (USA) & James Wallace (Scotland)

Fronz Roddy, his cousin Hanz, and Mackie Schrody have taken a new member into their "Axis" in the form of Al Jihad. "The Axis" represents Austria, The Middle East and.....New Jersey? (Someone needs to tell Mackie that Jersey is not a country.) On the opposite side of the ring, James Wallace will be making the trek from his homeland of Scotland to team up with Drake Evans, whom he battled in the first International Combat match in November 2007 that fans of IYFW are still talking about. Wallace did claim that he would come back someday and team with Drake against Fronz and any partner he wanted to pick, and now that opportunity has arisen.

Two teams signed for the IYFW Tag Team Tournament:

Divine Diversity: The Northern Studd & The Bull
The Williams Express: "Loverboy" Ricky Williams & "Bombshell" Bert Williams

Two more teams will be signed to complete the brackets.

The In Your Face Battle Royale will be held on June 6th. The last two men standing will face off on June 7th to be crowed the first IYFW Champion. The IYFW Front Offices are hard at work coming up with a new, fresh concept for this Battle Royal. Stay tuned for more details!
"Bad Religion" suspended for Night 1 by order of the The Boss!

Due to the tension that has brewed between Maxx Burton and Exec. V.P. Joey Eastman, the man in charge has told Maxx that he can not wrestle on Night 1 in any format. Which means Maxx can not wrestle in the "In Your Face Rumble" for a chance to fight for the IYFW Championship. Maxx Burton was none-too-happy about this decision, but will get the opportunity to speak about it as he will be the guest on "Tea Time" with Good Lord Willing on June 6.

Other names slated to appear during either or both nights of Coronation Weekend:

  • "The Dark Pony" J.P. Black
  • "The Crusader of Old School" Ian Daniels
  • "The Modern Day Marquis" Guillaume DeSade
  • "Heart Attack" Tommy Mack
  • "The Shaft" Bobby Ocean - IYFW Debut
  • "The Millennium Millionaire" Scott Scarsdale
  • C.J. Scott
  • Pierre Vachon - IYFW Debut
  • "The Dark Knight" Horace White - IYFW Debut
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