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Rumor Control for May 16, 2008

  • The Tag Team Tournament just got a new entry...Those 80’s Guys! Many fans of IYFW see them as the next tag team champions. However, Divine Diversity and The Williams Express might have something to say about that. This leaves one slot still open and we have no indication on who will claim it. A big rumor coming from the office is that a man with a lot of money is looking to buy his way into the tournament. Keep in mind this is just a rumor.

  • Alere Little Feather recently contacted the office of IYFW and said that due to advice from her doctor, she would not be allowed to compete in the Free-For-All match to crown the first Vermont Women’s Wrestling Champion. Alere suffered a severe neck injury some time ago. The trauma on her neck is getting worse and she will need to take time off. IYFW wishes her the best and will look to book her for a future date. This match will now be a 3-way dance with Lindsay Lynn, Miss DeVille and Lexie Fyfe.

  • Here are the rules for the In Your Face Rumble on Friday, June 6:

    1) The match is Battle Royal format where eliminations occur when a wrestler is thrown over the top rope, and both feet touch the floor.

    2) The match will begin with a select number of wrestlers (4 or 5 depending upon the total number of entries). Every minute thereafter, another group of random competitors will enter. This process continues until everyone has been sent to the ring.

    3) Eliminations can occur at any time. The wrestlers do not have to wait for all participants to enter before they start eliminating each other.

    4) The last two men standing will face each other in the main event on Saturday, June 7 for the In Your Face Wrestling Championship.

  • Due to the unpredictability of the Rumble match, and the first round of the tag team tournament, much of the June 7th card will be signed during or after June 6th since there's no way of knowing which two will be going into the main event! Fans will have to come the June 7th show to see what fall out from June 6th might take place. So many different scenarios can be looked at with this match. For instance, at the end of June 6th, two teams will be slated to face off the next night for the Tag Team titles. But anyone of those four men could also see themselves in the main event to go for the IYFW Title if they were to win the Rumble.

  • The IYFW MySpace and email inbox are flooded with requests from wrestlers from all around the Mid Atlantic and the North East looking to be a part of the New wave of Professional Wrestling that is In Your Face Wrestling! Who will get the response email to compete in IYFW's future is anyone’s guess!
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