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Rumor Control for April 22, 2009

The Big News!
IYFW returns to The Holiday Inn of Rutland, VT on Saturday June 20th for "The Coronation Cup í09." Last year IYFW made history by holding "Coronation Weekend" and now they will do it again. Several matches have been signed, and some major events have come about following "Relentless Pursuit!"

Axis Trading Members? Evans Gets title Shot!
"The Axis" is livid with Good Lord Willing for being the one who lost the fall in the 3 on 2 Handicap match and thanks to that, Fronz Roddy must defend the IYFW Championship against Drake Evans. Whether he is still a member is up in the air at this time. Also, the self-proclaimed tag team wrestling expert, Scott Scarsdale is now teaming up with Al Jihad of "The Axis." Is he now a member?

"The Axis" may have a new target in the form of Maxx "The Ax" Burton. Burton was in charge for the night and made the Handicap Tag Match on April 18 and along with "The Axis" blaming Good Lord Willing for losing the fall, they blame Burton for making the match to begin with. One of them may be looking to get Burton in the ring on June 20th.

Cameraman Zoom!
Everyone saw the results of the brutal beatdown that "The Axis" gave to Pierre "The Beast" Vachon in the parking lot before the show, but we have word that it was actually video taped by "The Axis." A copy of it was received today at the IYFW Office and it will be put on the DVD for "Relentless Pursuit" so everyone can see what "The Axis" is capable of. The identity of the cameraman and person who delivered the tape is not being revealed for fear of "The Axis" finding out.

A Missed Opportunity!
We understand that The Williams Express were to defend the tag titles against Team Do or Die on April 18, but Josh Jordan had a prior obligation that he was committed to and IYFW had to cancel the match. Because of this, C.J. Scott faced The Northern Studd. Both men gave their all, but the former IYFW Tag Champion, The Northern Studd, came out on top. He proceeded to dog C.J. Scott publicly on the mic and call him a "loser." After Studd left, Maxx Burton appeared and looked disappointed over the match.

Maxx "The Boss" Burton?
Maxx Burton did say that he enjoyed his night as Interim Commissioner but itís not something he would look to do all the time. On June 20th, he will be looking for action.

Look for much more info coming soon on June 20th including some participants in the Coronation Cup 2009 tournament and the "World Class Womenís Match" that has been signed as well.

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