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Rumor Control for October 30, 2011

When Champions Split
by Arthur Becket

There had been rumblings in the camp of Fronz Roddy and The Northern Studd for some time. Fans began to notice their infighting before, but the two always seem to put their differences aside in the ring and congeal as a team so they would retain the In Your Face Wrestling Tag Team Titles. This all changed at the 2011 Coronation Cup.

Perhaps this story starts with the team itself. Both men had been known as somewhat arrogant, picking a name as "The International Ego Trip" demonstrates this. But there is a story behind these two men and what each one's position in that team.

When their team was formed, something clicked between them, and they quickly rose to obtain the Tag Team title belts at Amsterdamage. Those were the good days with this tag team; it would not last.

It became apparent that although this tag team had superior skill, the people in the tag team were not going to last. "The Northern Studd," said The Bull, who had teamed with him before "is a professional in the ring, although he may seem arrogant, when it comes down to it, he is a team player." His assessment of Fronz Roddy is not that flattering. "Roddy likes the limelight, he likes hogging the attention when things are going good, but refuses to accept any responsibility when something goes wrong."

This appraisal of the International Ego Trip became apparent at the Coronation Cup. Fronz Roddy at one time yelled at The Northern Studd saying he had won the previous match and it was up to him (Studd) to do his part in this match. The congealed tag team was no longer that solid.

The Ego Trip had shown some cracks in their armor before, some thought it was a matter of time before they lost. Many of the fans anticipated that the team of Jamar "Magic" Justice and "Loverboy" Ricky Williams would have been the team to get the titles from the Ego Trip permanently. In fact, during a non title match at "Night of New Breed," Justice and Williams, disguised as the Green Mountain Grapplers, defeated the Ego Trip. The team of Justice and William did win the tag belts at "Deception is Reality" only to lose them to the International Ego Trip in the rematch at "Controlled Chaos" when Justice was knocked out by an interfering Adam Badger.

At the Coronation Cup on July 25, 2011, the International Ego Trip was facing the combination of Adam Badger and Michael Monroe who call themselves the "The Enemy." At first the International Ego Trip appeared to be a well oiled wrestling team, but this soon fell apart. Following the match, Fronz Roddy attacked the Northern Studd apparently blaming him for them loosing the tag team championship. Fronz Roddy turned on his partner, laying him out cold.

There is no doubt that the Northern Studd wants revenge for the attack by Fronz Roddy. Will this revenge occur at the upcoming show "The Brass Ring"? Roddy himself must know that the Studd will be seeking retribution about this attack, what will Roddy scheme and plan to counter this? With Fronz Roddy holding the New Breed Title, will The Northern Studd form a new tag team, or will he pursue a singles career? Keep watching In Your Face Wrestling and find out.

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