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Rumor Control for September 30, 2008

The Main Event for In Your Face Wrestling's 1st Anniversary show, "Season 2: Let the Madness Continue" will be:

The Elimination Match of Survival
The Axis vs. Evans's Allies
The Axis, which consists of Al Jihad, "Main Attraction" Mackie Schrody and IYFW Champion "The Mighty" Fronz Roddy, will need to find another member because Fronz will be defending the IYFW Championship that night. The Axis will take on Drake Evans, who will captain a team of 3 in this match. It seems that Fronz has dodged yet another bullet from Drake, but Evans is determined to show the Axis that they don't have all the power in IYFW. Evans will reveal his partners in a few weeks and we will get the identity of the third member of The Axis team as well.

But, Fronz will have enough to worry about as just signed:

In Your Face Wrestling Championship Match:
"The Mighty" Fronz Roddy v. "The Force From the North" Vigo w/ Yvonna Leach
We understand that J.P. Black was initially offered a return match against Fronz Roddy, but graciously declined and gave Vigo the vote of confidence. Vigo's chance at the IYFW Tag titles went foul back in August, when Superbeast accosted Yvonna Leach at ringside and distracted Vigo from saving his tag partner, "Bombshell" Bert Williams. This allowed Divine Diversity to retain the titles. This act by "The Inhuman Monstrosity" has furthered Vigo's obsession with getting him back in the ring again, but as the IYFW Office decreed some time ago, that will never happen.

Other happenings:

  • People are still buzzing about Maxx "The Ax" Burton and H.C. Loc's match from "Holiday Inn-Vasion." We don't know what is in store for both men or if they will both be at "Season 2." We'll keep you posted.

  • Rumblings are coming through the website department that "Bombshell" Bert Williams will get one more chance at the IYFW Tag Team Champions, Divine Diversity, and once again be able to name his partner. The Northern Studd and The Bull are fine with this turn of events. They claim that they have already proven they can beat Bert and it won't matter who his partner is. We don't know at this time if the titles will be up for grabs or not. Stay tuned.

  • Speaking of tag teams, Team Do or Die (C.J. Scott & Josh Jordan) are still looking for their first victory in IYFW. Their past two encounters with "The Millennium Millionaire" Scott Scarsdale have not been positive. Scarsdale, who claims to be a tag team expert, says he can take anyone as his partner and be successful. Maybe Bert Williams should look him up.

  • IYFW Management was very impressed at the debut of Kryptic Keegan and will be inviting him back to November 15th.

  • The IYFW Office was impressed with "The Hardcore Cowgirl" Alexzandra's performance as ring announcer, and have asked her to return to the microphone in November. Alexzandra has accepted.

  • More updates on the Main Event players, will the Tag titles be on the line, and will Burton and Loc be in the building together again on November 15th.

Joey LaRocque reporting.....
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