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Rumor Control for January 29, 2012

Mle, Jealously or Planned Strategy?
By Arthur Becket

There were rumblings that happened at the end of the championship match at "Seize the Moment." The rumblings were ramifications as if a giant earthquake occurred in Ballston Spa, NY that are being felt throughout the wrestling world.

The match itself was an interesting display of wrestling power and knowledge. The champion Pierre Vachon and challenger Drake Evans know each others ability. And in this knowledge, each showed a considerable amount of restraint, trying not to fall into the hands of the other.

Suddenly, Roman Dominguez came to ringside, distracting Drake Evans. This momentary distraction allowed Vachon to obtain a chain and strike Evans, knocking him out and allowing Vachon to get the pin.

After the match, Vigo came to the ring. Vigo and Vachon began to trade punches. These two men have a past, but everyone in attendance knew that their animosity for each other is still active.

Did all four men simply arrive at this spot by coincidence, or were there other factors which led to the ending of "Seize the Moment"? It may be hard for us to look inside these men's minds and see what their motivations are, but we can look at their history and take an educated guess.

Drake Evans has had a desire to regain the In Your Face Wrestling championship when it was "taken from him" by Guillaume deSade. This was a 3 way match in which Evans was pitted against deSade and Etanna. Etanna and de Sade were in fact were part of the "Nubian Lynch Mob". When deSade pinned Etanna, Evans and many fans, thought it was a simple way for Guilliame deSade to win the title without beating Evans (More details about Evans are in the article "Drake Evans: Destined to be champ again?" by William Bacon).

The situation with Vigo and Vachon is understandable. These two men were undefeated giants in IYFW singles competition, until they met at "Cauldron of Hate" in October 2011, when Vachon blinded Vigo with a fireball, then put the mandible claw on Vigo to dethrone the champ.

"That loss I think bothered Vigo," says Shepherd Finch, member of the IYFW Board of Directors. "Vigo had recently won the championship and he expected a good run as champion. He did not hold it for very long. Also, he was bothered about how he lost it, he would not have felt so bad if Vachon simply beat him, but the fire ball incident occurred. Vigo thinks he was robbed."

So the bad blood between Vigo and Vachon continues, which explains why Vigo was involved after the match between Vachon and Evans. Many people believe that this feud will continue and that many matches between the two giants of IYFW will dominate the agenda for a long period of time.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect after the match was the actions of Roman Dominguez, his actions and the reasoning may be the most interesting and complex of all that were involved that night.

"It could be a multi-fold issues with Roman," says Finch. "It could be he was asked by Vachon to distract Evans, we are conducting an investigation into that allegation. Or the fact that it was Evans who eliminated Roman at "The Brass Ring" to make him (Evans) the number onecontender for the championship. I also personally believe, that Dominquez wanted to be an active member in a championship match."

Finch's assessment of Roman Dominguez's actions could be correct. "Seize the Moment" was the first IYFW event in a long time that Dominguez was not wearing or wrestling for a championship belt.

"Roman was one of the longest reigning champions we have had at IYFW," states Finch. "At 'Seize the Moment' he wrestled Nocturne. It was a great match, but I think Roman thought he should be wrestling for a title again."

Again, Finch may be correct about Roman Dominguez. Dominquez was the very first New Breed Champion when he won it on August 28, 2010 at "Night of the New Breed" event. He won against the likes of C.J. Scott, Loca Vida, Adam Badger and Shiloh Robinson. He held that title until he was defeated by Fronz Roddy at "Cauldron of Hate" on October 1st of last year. Roman Dominguez has lobbied the IYFW officials numerous times for a championship match. Not being involved in the spotlight of a championship match certainly must have factored in Roman Dominguez's decision to interfere in the match with Vachon and Vigo.

"Seize the Moment" is now in the history books and a new year has begun. What will the new year bring to these wrestlers? Will Vigo and Pierre Vachon still struggle against each other to determine who is the true superpower at In Your Face Wrestling? Will Drake Evans get a another title shot that he and many fans think he deserves? And what of Roman Dominguez, will he pursue Evans to get revenge for eliminating him as a number one contender at "The Brass Ring" or does he have bigger plans, plans that include a championship belt?

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