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Rumor Control for September 24, 2011

The BIGGEST match in In Your Face Wrestling history
by William Bacon

I want to first paraphrase a line from Roy Scheider from Jaws: "We're going to need a bigger ring."

In Your Face Wrestling fans who saw the battle royal from "Summetime Bruise" know the winner was Pierre Vachon. His winning this battle royal makes him the number one contender for the IYFW Championship. He will face the champion, Vigo, at the "Cauldron of Hate" on October 1st.

The "Cauldron of Hate" will be the anniversary show for "In Your Face Wrestling". It is fitting that Vigo and Vachon will meet at the federation's premiere event, because these two wrestlers also share an intense past. The name of the show "Cauldron of Hate" may not be too far off from the way these two men think of each other.

These two men have been each other's nemesis for the past year. This history involves other members of IYFW and management itself.

To understand how this match is boiling down to the "Cauldron of Hate" show, let's go back to "Amsterdamage" in April 2010.

At "Amsterdamage", Maxx Burton basically left his partner C.J. Scott at the hands of the "International Ego Trip" declaring "the time for giving is over and the time for taking has begun". Burton will have an influential impact on the upcoming match.

Move onto June 2010, at the "Coronation Cup". Vigo and Pierre Vachon are actually teaming as partners against the champions, "The International Ego Trip". Many insiders thought that this team of Vigo & Vachon would be an unbeatable force in IYFW, and they would defeat the champions for the title; again Burton would have an impact on this outcome. During the match, Maxx Burton distracted Vigo, allowing Fronz Roddy to use a foreign object on Vigo. Instead of consoling Vigo, he ridiculed him, blaming Vigo for being distracted and "disappointing" him. It is now where the major feud of the two wrestlers begins. On the urging of Burton, Pierre Vachon attacks Vigo from behind, leaving the huge Vigo on the floor as Burton laughed over Vigo's beaten body.

December 2010, "Controlled Chaos." Vigo teams with WWE Legend Tito Santana against Maxx Burton and Pierre Vachon. Tito wins by making Burton submit via a figure four leg-lock. There is no resolution to the animosities between Vigo and Vachon. It was at this point that many changes occurred behind the scenes at IYFW that would also have an impact on Vigo and Vachon and would further fuel their hatred for each other. In January 2011, Alezandra steps down from her successful reign as IYFW Commissioner; in April 2011, IYFW would name Harold Touch'ole as Management Representative for the company.

IYFW Management and the Board of Directors makes it perfectly clear to Touch'ole that there must not be a match between Vigo and Vachon. Management is wary and concerned that these two men's hatred for each other will lead to injuries, perhaps spilling into the crowd and making IYFW liable.

This past April at "Defy the Odds" factors began to fail into place which would result in the upcoming match. Vigo was teaming with C.J. Scott against Superbeast and Rocco Perrelli. Pierre Vachon comes to ring side and threatens Yvonna Leach, Vigo's wife and long time manager. Vigo comes to her rescue which leaves C.J. Scott unmatched against the pair of Superbeast and Rocco Perrelli. Vigo and C.J. Scott lose the match.

Later in the show, it was Vigo's turn to obtain some retribution. Vachon was facing Bobby Ocean in a very competitive match. Vachon being somewhat frustrated with Ocean went to ringside to obtain a chair, when Vigo intervened. In the resulting verbal confrontation, Vachon did not realize the referee was counting him out of the ring. Vachon loses to Ocean because of a count out.

Later on at "Defy the Odds", Guilliaume deSade was stripped of the IYFW Championship. It was determined that at "Coronation Cup 2011" a new champion would be determined by a series of block 4-way matches.

It was circumstances before the event, not at the event, which exacerbated the situation between Vigo and Vachon. Since it had been determined by IYFW that there would be not match between the two, it was decided that Vigo would compete in the Coronation Cup tournament and not Pierre Vachon. This would guarantee that both could not make it to the final. Because of this decision, Vachon goes on a tirade against the IYFW Management; they have no choice but to ban Vachon from even appearing at the "Coronation Cup".

At the "Coronation Cup" the final was between Vigo and Scott Scarsdale. It was thought that Scarsdale's financial influence would ensure him a victory, but Vigo prevailed and won the title. It was special referee Maxx Burton who made the three count on Scarsdale.

The fans began to anticipate a confrontation between Vigo and Vachon. Again, IYFW Management, fearing liability issues reinforced their commitment that there would be never be a Vigo/Vachon match.

At the most recent "Summertime Bruise" in August, there was a rematch of Vigo and Scarsdale and also a battle royal to determine the number one contender. Vachon was allowed to be in a tag match earlier in the show, but still was not allowed to compete in the battle royal. Vigo beat Scarsdale via submission; at the end of the match Harold Touch'ole demanded the referee switch his decision and award the belt to Scarsdale. To Touch'ole's dismay Maxx Burton entered the ring and notifed everyone that the referees initial decision would stand, and that Harold Touch'ole was fired, and that he (Burton) was the new Commissioner of IYFW.

As the new IYFW Commissioner, Maxx Burton, had another order to give. He overturned the Management's and Touch'ole's decision and allowed Vachon to enter into the battle royal.

Vachon ended up being the last entry into the battle royal and won. He was named the number one contender to the IYFW title. Vachon and Vigo confronted each other, and had to be torn apart by all the wrestlers in IYFW. The two men tried to fight past the wrestlers to get to each other. The two will finally meet at "Cauldron of Hate".

Many question Maxx Burton's decisions and loyalties in the events leading up to the night of the "Coronaton Cup". Did Burton simply want to give to the fans what they have hungered for, a match between Vigo and Vachon; or does Burton have a clandestine plan waiting to unwrap when the time is right? Unlike the Vigo/Vachon match, the last question may need more time to have answered.

The match at "Cauldron of Hate" is not only about the IYFW title, and revenge, it is about pride. Both Vachon and Vigo are undefeated as IYFW single wrestlers. When they meet, these men not only will wrestle for the premiere wrestling title, they will wrestle to keep an unbeaten streak alive a win will also determine who the big dog on the block is at IYFW. Whoever wins this match, can claim they defeated an undefeated wrestler; that this one win will determine once and for all, who is the dominant force in the federation. The legacy of such a win could remain for years to come.

The anticipation has the fans and insiders salivating for its arrival. "Every anniversary show we have is special," says Shepherd Finch, a member of the IYFW Board of Directors. "But the 'Cauldron of Hate', it's going to be something more, an anniversary show with a guarantee of history in the making." "It's a matchmaker's dream" says Jim Hoffman, member of the championship committee at IYFW. "We have an anniversary show and two undefeated giants wrestling each other for the title, I could not have planned this any better."

IYFW is pulling out all the stops for "Cauldron of Hate". Referees are being reviewed to see who will officiate this historical match. The merchandise table will be stocked. Every aspect of this show is being scrutinized by IYFW officials.

"This show will blow the fans away," states Finch. "The fans will be taking about this show, it will be the highlight of every other wrestling highlight."

Let's examine why in the beginning of the article I paraphrased Roy Scheider from "Jaws". Having such huge men in the ring for a championship match at such a great venue, causes some unique problems, IYFW Ring Maintenance Supervisor Art Gleason explains: "We have had big guys in the ring before, Vigo, Superbeast, and Vachon, even all of them in the same ring at the same time, but during such a championship match, with so much at stake, you can expect the intensity will be geared up an additional notch." Gleason continues "The ring will definitely be reinforced for this match, I just hope it is enough to contain the ferocity of these two leviathans when they meet. If this ring collapses, they will be wrestling in China."

"Cauldron of Hate" will be such a huge show, that the fans should not hesitate to get their tickets early says Alastair Barneys, Executive Director of IYFW Public Relations. This is the one show, where we could sell out every seat in the house beforehand, if the fans do not buy their tickets early, they should make sure they get to the show early enough to get a ticket. The only why the fans will be disappointed by this show, is if they are not there!

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