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Results for "Amsterdamage"

  • Good Lord Willing defeated "Loverboy" Ricky Williams with the help of a distraction from PJ the Pirate and a DDT from Liam "Four Leaf" McFerran. Prior to the match, Willing claimed himself as the W.I.G. (Willing is Great) Champion.

  • "Millennium Millionaire" Scott Scarsdale & "Handsome" Rob Scalici defeated Adam Badger and Shiloh Robinson. This match was to be Badger and Jamar "Magic" Justice, but Justice had an "incident" in the parking lot where his shoulder had been separated and was not cleared to wrestle. Adam Badger had said that he and Shiloh, both graduates of the IYFW Academy, would do Jamar proud and win the match. However, Badger intentionally threw the match, faking a shoulder injury allowing Scarsdale to get the win. This had the fans and especially Justice baffled.

  • "The Pillar" Roman Dominguez defeated Michael Monroe via submission with "The Arch of Constantine"

    Ian Daniels ran his mouth trying to make himself look good, but it didnít last as "Super Troll" Curtis Candy had enough of Daniels tirade. He challenged Daniels to a NO Disqualification match. Daniels accepted and followed up wih a cheapshot on Candy for good measure.

  • In a special attraction, the Amsterdam fans were treated to a match between two men who often team up as "Up in Smoke," Cheech and Cloudy. Both men displayed their technical abilities, innovated offense and insane American Lucha style. In the end, Cloudy gained victory with the Code Red.

    After the match, both men celebrated together on a great match. However, it didnít last long as Guillaume deSade and Etanna of the Nubian Lynch Mob attacked them. DeSade stated he was suspended off the March 20th show for no good reason (trying to choke out a valet with a noose isnít a good reason?) and because he wasnít there, the NLM didnít claim any titles. They wanted Drake Evans out there right then to give Etanna his title match. DeSade claimed that the NLM would own the title by any means necessary. Evans came out with Vigo, who was scheduled to face deSade that night as well. The referees and security kept the two factions apart. IYFW Commissioner Alexzandra made her presence known as she declared that the two matches would be combined into one 4-way Free-For-All for the IYFW Championship in the main event.

  • In a match for the IYFW Tag Team Championship, The Grindhouse: Maxx Burton and CJ Scott defended the titles facing The International Ego Trip: The Northern Studd and Fronz Roddy. This was to be a 3-way match, but both members of the New School Wrecking Crew had been sidelined with injuries. Throughout the match CJ Scott received a tremendous amount of punishment from Fronz and Studd and Burton seemed to care less and was scolding CJ the whole match for not fighting back and allowing them to beat him down. In the end, it seemed the champions would retain as Burton gained control but prematurely tagged CJ in who was still in a lot of back pain. As Burton waited for CJ to set up Studd for "Necksploitation", Fronz dumped Burton out of the ring and The Northern Studd hit the "Evening Ender" for the pin and the titles.

    After the match, Maxx Burton went on a verbal rampage against CJ, the fans and the promotion and left with the haunting words "the time for giving is over and the time for taking has begun."

  • In a No DQ match, "Super Troll" Curtis Candy defeated Ian Daniels with the "Punchline" after a blast to Danielsís head with a garbage can.

  • In the main event, it was a 4-Way Free-For-All for the IYFW Championship with Drake Evans defending against Guillaume deSade, Vigo and Etanna. During a part of the match, Yvonna Leach had come in the ring to check on Vigo. DeSade went to put the noose around her neck again, but Yvonna fought him off with slaps and kicks and put Guillaume down, garnering a huge ovation from the crowd. In the closing moments, Drake Evans had choked out Etanna, who was legal, and went after Vigo and Guillaume, who was also legal. Evans dove onto both men, but deSade got out of the way and Vigo took the brunt of the attack. With both Vigo and Evans on the floor down and Etanna choked out, Guillaume took advantage, covered Etanna and won the match and the title. So it came to pass that the NLM would get the championship by any means necessary as DeSade pinned his own partner to win.

Thank you to the Amsterdam, NY fans who have helped IYFW plant the flag in another great wrestling town.

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