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Rumor Control for December 7, 2015

From the desk of Yvonna Leach

I would like to address the situation between myself and Kenedi Copeland that transpired at "Season 9: Proving Grounds." Ms. Copeland and various members of the board of directors were concerned that I had received a payment from Mr. Scott Scarsdale for him to be placed as the special referee in the main event with Cassius Cutcher taking on Drake Evans for the IYFW Heavyweight Championship, which is an entirely false accusation. I did bring additional security in the form of Hayley Shadows, because the last time I was face to face with Ms. Copeland, she got a little to close for comfort. I'm not a fighter; I am an executive. During our in ring segment, Ms. Copeland got to close to me again, and Hayley shoved her away, justifiably so.

Later in the night, Ms. Copeland decided to extract revenge by putting her hands on Hayley Shadows. Well, Ms. Copeland opened a can of worms she shouldn't have opened. Now at "We Stand Alone" on January 16th at the Polish Community Center in Albany, NY it will be time for Ms. Copeland to face the consequences of her actions, as she will be going 1 on 1 ni the ring with Hayley Shadows. Good luck Kenedi.

Yvonna Leach
Secretary of Event Content

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