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Rumor Control for June 19

Fallout from Coronation Weekend

New Champions all around

Lexie Fyfe will go down as the first Vermont Women's Wrestling Champion after beating Lindsay Lynn on Night One, but Lindsay Lynn took the title 24 hours later to claim the second slot with the help of Divine Diversity.

Those 80's Guys were replaced by Team Do or Die (CJ Scott & Josh Jordan) in the semi-finals of the IYFW Tag Team title tournament, but the experience and deviousness of Divine Diversity (The Northern Studd and The Bull) proved positive to advance to finals.

Bert Williams entered the semi's alone when his partner "Loverboy" Ricky Williams was injured, and fought the combination of Scott Scarsdale and Pierre Vachon. However, that team disintegrated when Vachon turned on Scarsdale and helped Bert win. The next night, Bert chose Vachon to be his partner against Divine Diversity where they beat Bert Williams and Pierre Vachon using Bull's helmet on Bert.

Fronz Roddy and JP Black won the IYFW Rumble to meet at Night Two in the main event. That match saw Alexzandra and Mackie Schrody ejected from ring side, one referee go down, Mackie and Al Jihad interfere, CJ Scott and Josh Jordan try to help, Maxx Burton and Drake Evans make the save and JP Black win the match and the title. The most exciting match in IYFW history.

Did Maxx Burton pull one over on Joey Eastman?

Was Burton the Green Mountain Grappler on Friday? This was the question put forth by Mr. Eastman on Saturday when he confronted Burton in the ring. Maxx denied it, but Eastman made it a point to sit ringside during Burton's match against "The Spirit of Scotland" James Wallace, and if he saw anything like the Grappler did on Friday, including the DDT, Burton would be fired. In the end of that match, Maxx beat Wallace clean with a counter to a sunset flip attempt. Eastman apologized to Burton, but Good Lord Willing came out to say he had proof Burton was the Grappler. Eastman walked away and did not see Wallace lay out Willing with an uppercut and Burton hit the DDT. Eastman turned upon hearing the crash in the ring but all he saw was Willing face down and Burton sitting next to him waving at Eastman. Will there be any reprecussions from Joey Eastman on Burton?

Colossal Collision morphs into a Street Fight!

Superbeast and Vigo's feud came to a head on Friday in the Colossal Collision, but ended in under a mintue when both men took out the referee. This prompted officials to sign the No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere, street fight on Night Two. This match was the most brutal in IYFW's short history, ending with Vigo getting the win, but Superbeast showed after that this was not over. Superbeast did suffer a severe knee injury in the match, while Vigo left with a concussion and bruised ribs. The IYFW office has decided for the safety of the wrestlers and the safety of the fans, they will not sanction anymore matches between Superbeast and Vigo. We'll see how these 2 monsters feel about that.

Next show will be August 23rd back at the Holiday Inn. Matches to be announced soon.

Thanks to all for being apart of history with "Coronation Weekend."

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