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Results for February 6, 2010 - Hanging By A Thread

  • Capital Punishment: Coleman & Vinyer vs. Love & War: Ricky Williams & Viper: As the match was taking place, The Killer Steves: Steve McKenzie & Steve Cruz, who were arriving to the building late and coming through the front door, interrupted the match and took out both teams. They proceeded to publicly insult the tag team division in IYFW. This prompted the current tag team champions, The Grindhouse: Maxx Burton & C.J. Scott, to put out the challenge for their title match to happen right there. The Killer Steves decided to leave and wait for later.

  • Jamar "Magic" Justice defeated "Millennium Millionaire" Scott Scarsdale who was accompanied by his new bodyguard, WAR, when Justice locked in a roll up on Scarsdale in a major upset.

  • Nubian Lynch Mob member Ian Daniels defeated Loca Vida by knocking Vida out with a chain. After the match, NLM members Guillaume deSade and Etanna, came out for a 3 on 1 beatdown on Vida. Drake Evans and Vigo came to the ring with Yvonna. The referee staff prevented both teams from physically confronting each other. IYFW Commissioner Alexzandra came out and decided to switch the card around. Their tag match was scheduled as the main event, but she called the match into the ring right there.

  • Nubian Lynch Mob: Guillaume deSade defeated "The Force from the North" Vigo and IYFW Champion Drake Evans, after Ian used the same chain to knock out Evans while the referee was distracted by Guillaume choking out Yvonna with his noose and Etanna hit a giant splash to pin Evans.

  • The Northern Studd won a 3-way over Michael Monroe and Adam Badger after Monroe hit a 450 splash on Badger and The Northern Studd threw Monroe out the ring to capitalize and get the win.

  • Good Lord Willing came out and introduced his new associates, his cousin Liam "Four Leaf" McFerran. GLW then proceeded to show Liam how to wrestle by fighting him right then and there. Although McFerran had not wrestled before and was obviously inebriated, he was able to sink in a Figure Four Leg Lock on GLW but then promptly passed out and was pinned.

  • Pierre "The Beast" Vachon got his long awaited revenge on "The Mighty" Fronz Roddy. He defeated the former IYFW Champion and got his payback from an attack he sustained in the parking lot at a previous IYFW event at the hands of "The Axis."

  • In Your Face Wrestling Tag Team Championship: The Grindhouse: "The Wolf" C.J. Scott and Maxx "The Ax" Burton retained the Tag Team titles over The Killer Steves after using their "Necksploitation" finisher in a hard hitting high impact match.

IYFW has announced their next scheduled event in Amsterdam, NY at the Elks Lodge for "Amsterdamage" on Saturday April 17th.
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